Saturday, December 29, 2012

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50+/PA+++

My love for BB cream has led to a great discovery. This review is all about Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50+/PA+++.

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50+/PA+++ (P978.00/35g)

I got this BB cream a few months ago from Meg Magazine. The one I have is in Natural Beige W13, which is the second shade among the three available shades in stores. To make sure if I won't be putting the product to waste, I tried out the testers in store first so I could still give it away unused if ever it wasn't a perfect fit for me. I went to Etude House and tried all three shades at the back of my hand, and Natural Beige looked too dark for me. (It must be the lighting of the store.) I didn't want my face to look too white/pinkish so I ended up just using the second shade anyway. I am so glad I did, as it turned out to be a close match for my skintone!

Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle • Anti-Darkening • Long lasting Waterproof

About the product:

Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream promotes silky complexion and brightened look with Pearl Mineral Powder infused sheer coverage. Powerful UV protection and long lasting waterproof formula for all day outdoor protection.

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide tops the ingredients list, which are powerful sunblock ingredients that does not clog pores. It also has pearl extract, arbutin, and pearl powder to give skin a brighter aura.

How to use:

1. Sponge application
- Dispense cream and use sponge to gather and apply coverage to all areas of the face.

2. Direct application
- Remove cap and dispense onto hands for direct and additional application.




When Worn:

I used the BB cream alone in this picture, and I love how it evens out and brightens up my skin.

  • The packaging is convenient, and won't ever spill or leak even if it's built upside-down because of its cap that has a needle-like protrusion that goes into the opening of the tube.
  • True to its claims, this BB cream does give me an even complexion that's flawless, poreless, and radiant!
  • The coverage is not sheer. It is buildable and can be medium to heavy coverage (when used with the sponge).
  • This can cover slight dark circles, so I didn't have to use a separate concealer.
  • It has a very high UV protection, SPF 50+/PA+++ to be exact, which is even higher than the face sunblock that I use everyday.
  • This one is  best used outdoors because of its high SPF and waterproof formula that does not slide off even during scorching hot days. 
  • It looks super natural on daylight/natural lighting.
  • Even if you don't set this with face powder, it won't give you that oily, greasy look. (To think that I have oily skin!)
  • I have found the perfect shade for me with the second shade (Natural Beige W13).*
  • It does not oxidize on me even towards the end of the day.

  • I have found the perfect shade for me with the second shade (Natural Beige W13), which means that the darkest shade might be too light for morena skintones.
  • Because of its high SPF, it has the tendency to have a white cast on flash photography. (Just don't use too much, and you'd be all good.)
  • It's long lasting and waterproof, so you'd have to use a separate makeup remover as facial wash won't be enough to remove all traces of the BB cream. (But this is not really a problem for me since I always use a separate makeup remover before cleansing my face at night.)
  • If you apply this using the sponge, you'd have to clean it every so often to prevent bacteria buildup and pimples. (I prefer not using the sponge.)

I suggest that you test this on your face first before purchasing to see if the shades match your skintone, as testing it at the back of your hand can be deceiving. I almost missed out on my new favorite BB cream. I highly recommend this BB cream for those with normal to oily skin looking for medium coverage. It makes my skin look perfect, and it lasts all day.



  1. No shade for me.. ): But looks promising just not for me, I guess. :P

    1. Medyo limited kasi yung shades ng BB creams noh? Usually shade 1 ako eh, dito sa medium shade na pala ako. :O

  2. The BB cream looks good.. Wonder if the sponge will grow bacteria though

    1. That's my concern too, so I don't use the sponge much. It's washable though. I'm just lazy. Haha :D

  3. The first shade must be very, very fair then. Oh well, it's a Korean company; they're more on the fair side, so the shade range is understandable.

    I've practically given up looking for face bases that could keep me shine-free all day. Even Revlon Colorstay doesn't work.

    1. The first shade was quite fair, a bit pinkish maybe? You really have to try the BB creams on your face to see the exact outcome, but I do understand that this is not always possible as the testers are dirty and we just resort to trying them out at the back of our hand. :P

      Hmm, maybe you should try an oil control primer and a face base in powder form. I'm loving The Body Shop's All In One Face Base as it keeps me shine free the longest, among the products that I have tried.

    2. Where to buy and hm?

    3. This one is priced at P978.00, and you can buy this at all Etude House stores/kiosks in SM dept stores nationwide.

  4. I love how it looks on you!!~ so pretty! :D

  5. hi! what brand of makeup remover can you suggest? i'm interested to buy this bb cream,thanks!

    1. I'm still using my trusty Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream, for just P198.00 a tub. I've been using this one for almost 2 years already! EH is just depleting their stocks of this, and it's going to be discontinued soon so if you catch one on display, grab it ASAP. I still don't know what to buy as replacement.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. ah, I do have this BB Cream too.. But not using it yet, btw Etude have 2 darker shade too laa :D
    W15 Sand Beige
    W24 Honey Beige :D
    I don't see too much differences for each shade~

    1. Yes, the differences between the shade is not that noticeable for BB creams. I'm not sure if our local EH stores sell the 2 darker shades since this one's already the middle shade among 3 available shades. :)

  8. Hi! That's quite pricey. Would you suggest The Face Shop's BB Cream? I think it's the lovely me ex. Hoping you could reply! :)

  9. Hi! Would you suggest T Face shop's lovely me ex bb cream? It's cheaper than that one from etude! :)

    1. The first and last time I've tried TFS BB cream was in college, and I broke out (cystic acne). I've never tried another BB from them, so I can't tell. Sorry. :\

  10. Hi Helen, I know this is a really old post, but I wanted to ask if you think there is a BB cream comparable to this one now? I don't think they sell this any longer. It used to be my go-to and I wanted to find something similar again. I am looking for something in terms of finish and coverage. Thank you so much! - M.


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