Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coffee Ice Cream, Anyone?

I'm no coffee drinker. The last time I really drank coffee was in college, while I was studying late at night for my Accounting II exams. But this one, I really have to share with you. My love for Korean ice creams led me to try different flavors (and write about each of them, LOL!). My favorite will always be the Melona Melon Flavored Ice Cream Bar but it won't hurt to try them all. XD The other one I have tried is the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar, but it just tasted like the normal Cookies & Cream ice cream that we have locally.

Third up is the Coffee Flavored Ice Bar! Yum yum!

This had a coffee-flavored coating (kinda like our local Pinipig ice cream bars, but without the crispies, and in coffee flavor) and soft coffee ice cream inside. This was really good! If you love gourmet coffee but hate the expensive price tag that comes with it, try this instead. I promise, this WILL satisfy your craving. :)

Price: P29.00
Available at Waltermart Supermarket (and other leading supermarkets).

What other flavors of Korean Ice Cream have you tried? :)



  1. Try Strawberry and Mango :))Theyre yummy!

  2. @Ria: I haven't seen those yet! I've also tried banana, but forgot to take a picture of it. Haha. Thanks for recommending. :)

  3. I saw nga e mura lang ung korean ice cream but i haven't taste it yet. But will drop by soon at ortigas korean stores

  4. Ay ganun? Sa office kasi namin may Melona na Banana, Mango and Strawberry. Pati Cookies and Cream ^__^

  5. @Anne: They're really good!

    @Ria: Wow, next time ttry ko talaga! :) Excited! Haha!


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