Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Candy from LipIce

Speaking of magazines, another one that I read today was Candy (July 2010). I got this last weekend from LipIce. Among their 1st 5000 fans who shared their unique lipstick shade name on their myShade application, they chose (randomly, I think) a few people to win goodies from them.

A back issue of Candy Magazine and a LipIce Sticker Badge

I missed reading Candy. I remember buying my first copy when I was 11 years old. Which then evolved to Seventeen, then Cosmopolitan (when they stopped publishing Seventeen here). I'll always be a Candy girl no matter what age I am. :D

Thanks, LipIce! I got my sister a Strawberry Lip Balm last weekend. Now I'm liking that scent even more than my Grape one. :O



  1. Wow, you won that contest! Hehehe. Congrats! I also joined that yesterday, I think. LOL.

  2. @Charlene: Good luck, I hope you win too! They have an ongoing contest now, about the first kiss thing. I can't join! I'm shy. Haha!

    @Onika: Heehee! Do join! You might win too. :)


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