Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner at Bonchon Chicken & Californiaberry

My sister who does not like fried chicken was raving about Bonchon Chicken for the longest time. Since today is a holiday, she and I went to SM Megamall to go shopping and eat out. She told me that the skin of Bonchon's chicken was the nothing like what we have tasted before and that it was the best! At first, I cringed at the thought of eating chicken wings (my hatest part of the chicken) and its skin (I remove the crispylicious skin every time I eat fried chicken). Well, she had to let me taste it so we went to Bonchon Chicken in SM Memagall at around 5PM. The place is always packed considering it's not dinner time yet.

Here's what we ordered:

Bonchon Chicken Wings Small (6 pcs.) (P185.00)

To my pleasant surprise, this basket came with 3 wings and 3 drumsticks. I love chicken drumsticks! I have to agree with her, the chicken skin was sooo delicious! It made up for the lack of flavor of the chicken meat. I think I could finish this basket whole. Okay, maybe 5 pieces. :D

White Rice (P15.00 each)

Their rice serving is small. Tiny tiny rice, which is why we ordered 3.

After dinner, we went to Californiaberry for dessert. We ordered 2 small cups of blueberry yogurt sans toppings. I find that toppings somehow mess with the flavor of the yogurt and we want to enjoy its tangy goodness on its own. Blueberry flavored yogurt tastes so good!

Small Blueberry Yogurt (P65.00)

The long weekend flew by so fast, but it was well spent! :)

How did your long weekend go?



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