Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Me Factory Pig Collagen 3 Step Nose Pack

I don't usually incorporate nose packs into my skincare routine, but my colleague is an advocate of this particular skincare item. One day, she stared at my nose, and the next day she gave me this cute Me Factory Pig Collagen 3 Step Nose Pack which she got from Watsons. (Looked like I needed some help!) 😂

This is the third nose pack I've used in my life, but this one I really enjoyed doing since it's my first time to try a 3-step version of it. Hihi. 🐽 The first one I've tried was Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack and the second was Cathy Doll White Heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask, which is not technically just a nose pack.


I can see small dots all over my nose but I think I have more whiteheads than blackheads. Also, I'm not sure if they're blackheads or just huge pores. The only way to find out is to use this product!

Step 01: Pore Heating Sheet (15-20 minutes)

After washing your face, stick the sheet on your nose. Remove it after 15-20 minutes. Wipe out the melted wastes gently.

The material and feel of the serum in this packet resembled a regular sheet mask. There was no strong/detectable fragrance the entire time. I thought that they were just pulling my leg with regards to the "heating" claim, but my nose felt warm minutes after I used this. It helped open up my pores, so the gunk could come out easier on the next step.

Step 02: Blackhead Clear Sheet (10-15 minutes)

Apply enough water on the nose, then remove the clear film with dry hands. Attach the white sheet and wait for 10-15 minutes until the sheet is completely dry. Remove the dry sheet slowly from the edge.

Ahhh my favorite! Since my nose was prepped in Step 01, it was refreshingly not that painful to pull this away from my skin. It's either I have really high pain tolerance, or this one's the least painful among the 3 nose packs I've used before. The result was grossly satisfying. EWW! 🙈 Goodbye, blackheads and whiteheads! This nose pack is amazing!!! I love it already.

Step 03: Pore Tightening Sheet (5-10 minutes)

Attach the final sheet on your nose and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Tap the remaining essence to let it absorb into the skin.
After! 👃
My nose looks and feels so smooth!!! This Pig Collagen Nose Pack from Me Factory is legit. I still had a few stubborn whiteheads left, but it was able to take out a lot, I didn't even know I had that many. Ugh 😵 Now I'm tempted to use it where my face feels rough, but I'm not sure if I can really do that. I will definitely repurchase! 👍

Price: approximately P150-P200 (not sure of the exact price)
Available at Watsons
Also available at for only P80! 🐽

Are you also fond of nose packs? Which one can you recommend? 💝


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