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State of My Skin Update: 6th Session at Beauty Lab Whitening

What would I give to have free weekends like this? 💖

OT days are here! Just yesterday, I clocked in 13 hours at work, and that's just the start of our 3-month long overtime season at work. (Bye for the meantime, blogger events!) Today, I'm making the most of my weekend by just resting at home and writing.

Last weekend, I went to Beauty Lab Whitening again for my 6th session of the Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment. (I've done an extensive, super detailed review of it which you can backread here.) This time, I came back because my skin got badly sunburned from my daily commute. My work schedule used to start at 8AM, now it starts at 11AM so I have to go through a heat wave just to get to work. My face, arms, and especially my feet became noticeably darker than the rest of my body. Time to go to Beauty Lab Whitening again! 😍

My teammates were calling my feet choco na gatas (AKA chocolate milk) because I used to be really fair, and now the parts where my slacks and ballet flats can't cover is brown. 😞 This time I was beyond excited to book an appointment at Beauty Lab Whitening, and I arrived early on a Saturday morning. We went straight to business. I don't wear makeup anymore when I'm going here since I'll be removing it anyway. I changed into a bathrobe and disposable undies and slippers. My therapist proceeded to exfoliate my body and face with a gentle volcanic ash pack while I was lying down in the treatment room. This felt really good! Somewhat like a light massage for my aching muscles. When the scrub was done, I showered it off and applied preconditioning ointment (for whitening) before entering the R-630 Collagen Light Facility. (I made sure to be generous with applying the whitening ointment, especially on my feet.)

I stayed inside this giant "fridge" for 15 minutes (max). I like to think of this one as a reverse tanning bed. Instead of damaging your skin and giving you a tan, this one aids your cells in producing collagen, and it also whitens your skin.

I actually had 2 sessions spaced a week apart, and my skin has indeed lightened. I usually don't notice these things myself, but I went shopping hours after my treatment, and was asked by a salesperson in the store I just visited over a week ago prior to my treatment on what I did to my skin. Pantay yung pagkaputi (evenly white) was how she described it, and asked if she could touch my arm. LOL (Sure! Haha) My feet have drastically improved, too! The "great divide" isn't too evident, so now it's not choco na gatas, but more of a light mocha na gatas. A few more sessions will make the completely disappear, that I'm sure of. (This treatment is not magic, but it does work.) My skin feels really soft now, so I'm really pleased with the results! 😍 Since these sessions are pricey, do back it up with daily SPF! I'm currently being a good girl and using a non-sticky whitening sunscreen all over the exposed parts of my body during my daily commute so my treatments aren't in vain. I want to preserve that GLOW!

Initial effects: Clearer, brighter, and tighter feeling skin
Long term effects: Improved skin, tone, and texture

Other benefits:
  • Whitens skin and gives a glowing effect
  • Lightens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
  • Diminishes freckles and age spots
  • Kills acne
  • Even out pigmentation and scars
  • Minimizes pores
  • Lightens scars and stretch marks
  • Improves the appearance of weathered skin
  • Tightens skin supportive structure
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis

Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment

  • Regular price - P5,000/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P19,500
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P27,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions + home care product) - P33,500

Whitening Solution Facial Treatment

  • Regular price - P2,500/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P11,000
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P14,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions) - P16,000

I took home a fresh bottle of Suaviss Brilliant Boosting Essence with me after the treatment that day. During my treatments, they use Suaviss products (their own brand of organic skincare) on me and they work so well, I want to take them all home! 💛

Suaviss Brilliant Boosting Essence (P2,499 -> currently on sale at P1,999)

You may have seen this on my Suaviss skincare haul post a few months back. I'm liking this new and improved version of their essence. A minimal change they did on the packaging was the sticker label's color, from yellow to lilac. I found that the formula has changed a bit, too. From previously watery to now like a watery gel (but still not sticky) form. My skin absorbs this product quickly, so I can layer on my anti-acne moisturizer on top of it.


Manufacturing and expiry date stamped at the base of the bottle

I use this under my moisturizer at night, and I always wake up to soft and plump skin. It also makes my skin look well-rested, despite lack of sleep. Will continue to use this consistently as maintenance. 👌 (Anybody wants an update skincare routine post?) 😊

If you want to try their services, just mention the code BLWHELEN10 and enjoy a 10% discount on everything - be it a session, an entire package, or even their skincare products! Call 546-4601 to book your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. They're open everyday from 10AM to 10PM.

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Lab White
Address: Unit 304, 3/F, Bonifacio Stopover, 31st Street cor. 2nd Avenue Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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