Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color - Love It or Leave It?

My makeup storage has more liquid lipsticks vs the conventional bullet lipsticks. I love matte liquid lipsticks and I cannot lie! 💄 Just recently, I finally did a kikay kit upgrade - I now have a hot pink makeup traincase for personal use. 😍 I like seeing all my lippies lined up, and I now use a different shade of lipstick every few days just so they'd go on  rotation and see the light of day. I also realized that I want to stop spending on makeup and focus more on skincare nowadays since I'm not getting any younger. 😂

Today's review will be about Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color. I have two shades, and I'm feeling strong emotions for each. Read on to know why!

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color

I have with me two shades that look absolutely pretty in the tube - 07 Tiramisu and 08 Sweet Marsala Wine.

The packaging is simple. It's sealed via shrink wrap. It contains 3g of product and is good for 12 months after opening. (I don't think I'll be able to finish mine, but I'm keeping it for longer anyway. LOL)

07 Tiramisu

A noteworthy thing about this product is its curved applicator. It hugs the curves of your lips nicely during application, and the slim tip makes it easier to lightly color the sides of your lips.

07 Tiramisu Swatch

For this shade, the creamy-whipped formula feels a lot like mousse so it's really lightweight. It goes on smoothly and evenly. It doesn't dry too quickly so you'd have ample time to blend it evenly, and you end up with a beautiful velvety matte finish. It has a nice sweet scent that reminds me of dessert. Tiramisu is a perfectly flattering pinkish brown shade that would suit any skin tone. It makes my pale skin look alive without being too much, and it would also look great on darker skin.

What I like about it is that once it dries and sets (usually in less than 30 seconds), it stays on all day. It doesn't transfer to cups and it's water-resistant. The only enemy is oily food - it would erase the lip color on the inner part of the lips so it ends up looking uneven, so there is still a need to retouch.

If you were to get just one shade from this line, pick THIS. It's one of my favorite lip colors on rotation, and I use it as a default shade when I can't think of which shade to use. It's great for everyday use, and I've been using this for months.

08 Sweet Marsala Wine

08 Sweet Marsala Wine Swatch

It was love at first sight when I saw this shade. Just look at it on the tube - it's deep, dark, and mysterious. I thought it would give me that same effect when worn. I tried it first on my arm (swatch below) and it went on smoothly, but on the lips, it's a patchy mess. One coat makes it look plum (not wine!), two coats and I end up with this uneven mess. If I want it to look decent, I'd have to just use a small amount and use my pinky to blend it, which I didn't do for the photo above. It's too much trouble to deal with. I hate it. As much as I like singing praises for the 07 Tiramisu shade, I won't recommend you getting 08 Sweet Marsala Wine. 😞 I think darker shades are more difficult to formulate, so I'm still keen on trying their other lighter shades such as Rose Macaron.

07 Tiramisu & 08 Sweet Marsala Wine

Price: P399
Available at SM Beauty/Watsons

Facebook: Jordana Philippines

Have you tried Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color? 💜


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  1. I also had Sweet Marsala! I gave it away to an officemate because even though the color is very pretty, it makes my lips flake like crazy :(

    1. Sad noh :/ But feel ko Sweet Marsala Wine lang ung fail shade sa line na yun. Super ganda ng Tiramisu e!


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