Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Switched and Saved at Watsons! + Haul

The kikay soul within me does a secret happy dance whenever I step into a Watsons store. I  frequently visit their branches in Fisher Mall and SM North EDSA when I have to buy toiletries or whenever I am stressed and in need an of instant mood booster. Just walking around the aisles of beauty product excites me like a kid in a candy store!

Last Saturday, Panda and I dropped by Watsons in SM The Block to restock on some bath essentials. The store had red balloons everywhere - oh goodie, since it meant they were on a huge 3-Day Sale! :D This time around, my heart was happy and my wallet didn't cry since I snagged a couple of good deals!

While looking around, I spotted gorgeous Patty cheerfully assisting shoppers as Store Supervisor for the day. Patty Laurel-Filart is a model, host, teacher, blogger, and a Watsons Switch and Save ambassador since 2012. She's always been a practical shopper, and now that she's expecting her first baby, she became even more conscious about the things she buys - checking the price, quality, and contents of the products to make every penny count.

Some of Patty's favorite products are Watsons Treatment Shampoo Argan Oil, Watsons Treatment Wax, Watsons Milk & Salt Scrub Whitening, Watsons Collagen Q10 Intensive Moisturising & Firming Hand Cream, Watsons Blood Orange Hand Cream, Watsons Facial 3 Step Mask, and Watsons Big Pack Green Tea Scented Wet Tissues.

These are my favorite deals! HUGE bottles of shampoo, body wash, and hand wash at buy 1 take 1! The lotions are also a steal.

This face mask shelf is also a treat. Here, you can get 2 masks for the price of 1 in other beauty stores.

And now, my haul! During the 3-Day Sale, you get additional 10% off with a minimum purchase of P1500, so I took advantage of that deal!

My favorite super sulit finds of the day were all Watsons label products! I noticed that everything I got were in sweet fruity scents. :3

Watsons Cream Hand Soap (Buy 1 Take 1 at P149)
in Strawberry & Yogurt and Honey & Milk

One for the bathroom, one for the kitchen! I love how these clean my hands without drying them out, and how the Strawberry and Yogurt one smells like the real thing. So yummy... too bad I can't taste it!

Watsons Cream Body Wash (Buy 1 Take 1 at P229)
in Cantaloupe and Green Tea

This one's a crazy good deal that made me feel a bit guilty about splurging on another brand of body wash (about P1000 for just 750ml). Here, I get 2 liters of the good stuff! I think this is enough reason for me to switch and save.

Watsons Body Lotion (P119 each)
in Green Tea & Cucumber and Pomegranate & Apple

I couldn't decide which one smelled better, so I got both. One huge bottle will last me for months! I've found an even better way to maximize its use. Just recently, our helper left so I hand wash my dishes and clothes, leaving my hands ever so dry. I'll buy a small pump bottle and refill it with Watsons Body Lotion so I can moisturize my skin any time. Instant hand cream! :D

Watsons Nylon Body Puff (P52 -> P47)

A lil something to go with the body wash.

Beauty Buffet Facial Masks (2 for P79)

Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (P420 -> P340 -> P306)

The power of sampling: I tried samples of Belo AcnePro and Sebamed first from Glamourbox, and Pond's from Sample Room. All three worked so well for me hence the repurchase!

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray (P890 -> P801)

Hello, instant beach waves! ;)

Sansfluo (P96 -> P87) and Dentiste Set (P142.50 -> P128.25)

One for my niece, one for my travels!

And some men stuff for Panda, which came with GWPs. Awesome! :D

I learned from this shopping experience that you can shop and save at the same time! I love going on trips and its where I'd rather spend my cash on. At the same time, I don't have to scrimp on my personal essentials when I switch to Watsons products (and shop during their sale). Now, I can spend more on the things I really want in life!

Visit your nearest Watsons branch, and who knows, you might bump into Iya (just like Christian, Tessa, and Patty) making her surprise appearance and assisting you while you shop!

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What is your favorite thing to buy at Watsons? Do share your recommendations!



  1. Replies
    1. The sale was from May 15 16 17. But Watsons goes on sale often, sabay usually sa mallwide sales (like in SM dept stores).

  2. i always like the milk and honey hand soap, it's moisturizing and smells nice. like the new look of your blog

    1. I like strawberry better, but the honey one smells good too! :D Thanks, Arya!

  3. Watsons has so many variants of hand soap! We have 4 in the house right now. Haha! Better bring your own canvas bag when shopping at Watsons. The last time I went there, the cashier put 2L of hand soap, 2L of body wash, body scrubs, and other stuff in a paper bag. Of course the paper bag split open. Lol

    1. I agree with the eco-bag tip! Their bottles are big and heavy, but super sulit! :D


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