Monday, May 18, 2015

From Taiwan, with Love ♥

My Panda went on a trip to Taiwan a month ago. Having him come home safely was already enough for me. When he finally came home, I was met with these sweet goodies as well! :> You can guess the reason why I'm finally gaining weight. :D

This post can also be your cute guide on what goodies to get on your next Taiwan trip!

I remember during our Thailand trip earlier this year, we would shop at every supermarket and 7-Eleven store we came across, just because we love food! :D Now, we still like grocery shopping here in Manila, but it's more exciting abroad since we get to see a lot of stuff that aren't available here.

Pocky Panda

Spot the difference! :3

Milatte Fashiony Black Eye Mask - Panda

How cute is this eye mask! :D

Panda and Husky Coin Purses

Let me explain husky! It's our favorite breed of dog (even if I don't own one). :D

Bourbon x Disney Frozen Choco Strawberry Biscuits

In the supermarket, we have Bourbon's Choco Coffee Biscuits available locally. That one's good, too!

Latte and Milk Tea

They don't look like ready-to-drink beverages, and the bottles are too pretty to be thrown away. :o

Calbee Jagabee

So many unique flavors... purple potato, seaweed, and sweet potato anyone?

Hi-Chew in Lychee, Peach, and Qmmy

Sweet, fruity chewy candies to keep me awake at work. XD

Meiji Galbo Mini and Strawberry Cookies

Girly snacks :>

Hello Kitty Luggage Tag

For our future travels! :D

 Green Tea Treats from Lotte, Meiji, and Morinaga

M&M's Mint

I mostly like strawberry, green tea, and mint flavors. Panda's choices were spot on. :3 (Thank you for all of these!) :>

What's your favorite from this loot? :D



  1. panda!!!! i wish there would be mint m&m too here

  2. Ahh! Those green tea treats and coin purse tho. ♥

  3. panda purse and the m&m mint flavor!


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