Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Forever 21 Aviator Sunglasses

My old sunglasses got squished and cracked on my last beach trip, and I've been looking for a replacement since then, but to no avail. I can't seem to find a pair that would my face shape, so I stopped searching. One day, I was just walking around Forever 21, waiting for my sister to finish shopping, and I found a pair of sunglasses that's perfectly made for me. Good things come when you least expect it!

Forever 21 Aviator Sunglasses in Gold/Rose (P330.00)
A pair of aviator sunglasses featuring high polish frames. Brow and nose bar. Nose pads. Tortoise shell arms. Gradated lenses. 100% UV Protection.

I'm used to sunglasses with square frames, and this is my first pair of aviator sunglasses. I love that it's in gold and pink. I also prefer sunglasses to have a brown tint instead of black, so this one's a really nice find!

It's really hot this summer, and we have to protect every part of our body from the damaging sun rays, skin and eyes included. I'd love to know, where do you get your sunglasses? :)



  1. I love cheap sunglasses! I'm afraid I'm rather clumsy when it comes to my things, so better safe than sorry! Haha! And Rose Gold! Ganda! :)



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