Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forever 21 Haul

It's time for another haul post! I went to Forever 21 today with my sisters, and this is our haul for when we updated our closet with more Spring/Summer 2013 finds. (Yes, the 5 of us share the same set of clothes since we have a similar body type!)

Tropical Print Dress (P555.00)

I love dresses and when I spotted these on the racks, I immediately took both colors to the fitting room. I'm so happy that they fit me perfectly. I also love that I can wear these to work. Since I had too many black dresses, I went for the colorful one and my sister bought the black and white one!

Floral Muscle Tee with Studded Cross Detail (P765.00)

Ombre Denim Cropped Top (P815.00)

My sister is currently into muscle tees and cropped tops, which are so perfect for summer! I'm so wearing these on my dress-down days when I'm out of the office.

Aztec Print Skirt (P605.00)

My sister was shopping for clothes since she's an incoming college freshman. I told her to go for practical jeans but she got herself this skirt. Since she's petite, she can get away with this one without getting in trouble! Haha. Plus, you just gotta love how this one spruces up plain-colored tops.

Vaseline Lotion Set (GWP)

For a single-receipt purchase of P1,500.00, you can get this Vaseline lotion set for free!

Hope you liked our haul. Do feel free to share with me your recent finds. :D



  1. The cross top, denim top, and tribal skirt are SO Annalyn! AHAHAAH!

    1. HAHAHA! But the cross top and denim top are Cindy's. :))

    2. HAHAH I bet Ann will borrow it alot :)))))

    3. You definitely know her well! Haha :D

  2. Everything in your haul is so cute Helen! ^^ Loving that skirt

    1. My sister (who owns the skirt) says thanks! Hahaha! :D

  3. Cute! Wish I had a sister that I can go to shopping with :) Anyways, my fave is the aztec skirt :)

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post:

    1. My sis is thrilled that you liked the skirt. Haha! Thanks for leaving your link. I'm now following you, Abigail! :D


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