Friday, March 15, 2013

Jonah's Fruitshake, Boracay

Just because it's summer, it's time for another vacation-related post! A visit to Jonah's Fruitshake is one of the must-dos when in Boracay. This fruitshake joint is located beachfront in Station 1. You may opt to have your orders for dine-in, where your fruitshakes would be served in tall and wide glasses, or choose to have it for take-out, where it will be served in plastic bottles.

Jonah's Fruitshake

Initially, I was a bit skeptical on how people claimed that Jonah's Fruitshake serves "the best fruitshakes ever" and such. However, all it took was a sip for me to believe.

Banana Choco Peanut (P110.00)

I asked the waitress what their bestselling fruitshake was, and the Banana Choco Peanut was one of those that she mentioned that tickled my fancy. Indeed, I loved this how thick, creamy and chunky(!) this drink was. It tasted like banana and chocnut mixed together, with small chunks of crispy peanuts that added a unique texture and twist to the drink. The shake was thick, let me repeat, that you'd have to exert more effort in sipping it just so it would come up to the straw (versus the watery shakes I have tried in other restaurants before), but I am so not complaining since it's really, really good.
Melon Mango (P110.00)

On my second visit, I wanted to try something more fruity and light, hence I chose Melon Mango. This fruitshake was less dense than the banana-based shakes, but of course still refreshing. Jonah's Fruitshakes  are sweet, but never too sweet or overdone. However, I wasn't as delighted with this one compared to my first Jonah's Fruitshake experience. I was more satisfied with my first order of Banana Choco Peanut, since I'm into thicker, chocolatey shakes.

Melon Milk (P110.00)

Melon Banana (P110.00)

More melon-based drinks for my friends. Though refreshing, these tasted more ordinary than special.

Banana Choco Vanilla (P110.00)

Another fruitshake that I loved was Banana Choco Vanilla! It's a super thick and creamy banana shake with choco/vanilla milk in it. Quite similar with my beloved Banana Choco Peanut less the chunks and nuts. It tasted like the chocolate milk I used to drink as a kid. I would definitely order this the next time we get back to this beautiful island.

The thing is, you just have to order the right shake according to your preference, and you'd get that "best fruitshake ever" experience, too!



  1. I love Jonah's milkshake too! The best one for me is the banana peanut butter milkshake! Only problem is it's so good, you're gonna stuff yourself in the beach! But who cares! Can't wait to hit Bora this May and have my dose of Jonahs!

    1. I can't wait to go back as well. Enjoy your trip, Nick!

  2. Since it's getting warmer these days, I want those shakes too! Too bad Boracay is a little too far. We used to use ice cream to make our shakes a little thick. Maybe they did that on theirs too? Thanks for sharing this Helen. =)

    1. Maybe they do too! I want to try your tip! I've never made a milkshake at home. Hope you could try Jonah's too sometime! Off topic, but ArmyNavy uses 3 scoops of ice cream plus some fresh milk for their milkshakes! I observed how they prepared their milkshakes kasi. Hahaha


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