Monday, March 11, 2013

Hit Pan: February 2013

These were the products I used up last month:

February 2013 Empties

1. Etude House Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Cleansing Cream
I don't think I'll ever get tired of using this. This one's my third emptied tub - and to think I hadn't even written a real review for this variant. (I just did a quick feature here, but I have a review for the Aloe Tea here.)

I've been using this single product as my everyday (AM) face moisturizer/sunscreen since May 2012, and this tube lasted me about 9 months! I used to be so lazy with applying sunscreen on my face, but this one really changed my perspective. It's not heavy, sticky, or oily at all. My oily skin never got breakouts from this. I brought a new tube of this same sunscreen to Boracay last month to share with my friends, since I didn't want them to use the same sunscreen they used on their body for their face. Arte, I know! :D The tube came back from the beach almost half-empty, so I have to get another one in a few months time.

This one feels like a tall glass of cold peach juice on a hot summer day (for my skin). Even with it's light consistency, it manages to keep my dry, flaky legs in a soft and shiny state. I love that it's easily absorbed, and the smell is a peach-lover's dream come true. It smells like real fruit!
This one is the freshest a natural feminine wash could get. This big bottle lasted me about 7 months. I've used 3 big bottles of the Chamomile Fresh variant before, but I like this one better because of its cooling sensation. (Notice the mismatched color of the cap and the body? The cap was originally blue, but someone at home dropped the bottle which cracked the cap, so I had to replace it with the cap from the empty bottle at home.)

Do share with me your recent "hit pans"! :)



  1. Since I don't really have a decent sunblock right now, I'm considering the one from Belo. I also have oily skin and this one seems to work for you. =)) Thanks for sharing this Helen. ^^

    1. You're most welcome, Charlie! I hope it works well for you, too! :)

  2. Amazing. You used up that big tub of cleansing cream the third time na, pero that small moisturizer you've been using for nine months :)


    1. Oo nga noh! Haha! Sobrang dami ko siguro gumamit ng cleansing cream. Gotta remove all the dirt on my face. :D Haha

  3. I've had my 200mL bottle of Human Nature feminine wash for six months now, and there's still 1/3 left. It's really sulit!

    1. Sulit noh! As long as you get a fresh stock. :) This one has a shorter shelf life compared to other feminine washes because of it's natural ingredients.


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