Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dakasi 大卡司 Grand Launch in Dela Rosa, Makati

I love milk tea, but it has to be a good one before I can fully enjoy it. I don't buy milk tea just for the sake of quenching my thirst, instead, it has to give me that enjoyable experience with every sip. I'd like to share with you a recent favorite of mine, which I can't believe I just tried for the first time early this month! I had the great opportunity to attend Dakasi's Grand Launch held at their newly-opened Dela Rosa branch in Makati (just between Greenbelt 5 and Paseo).

Dakasi Dela Rosa in Makati

To give you a short story about Dakasi - let's start with the name! Dakasi is actually 大卡司 in Chinese, which means "big cast". It's named as such because Dakasi has an all-star cast of drinks: from traditional bubble milk tea, fruit teas, to hot teas, and even coffee. There's definitely something for everyone here!

It was on February 14, 2012, when Dakasi opened their first store in the Philippines, located in Marquee Mall, Pampanga. Within just 1 year, they have expanded into 17 branches all over the Philippines. Whether you're in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia, you can enjoy the consistent great taste and freshness in every cup of Dakasi beverage.

Dakasi's Commitment
  • To "shake" only upon order
  • To use TAPIOCA pearls that do not exceed 3 hours of shelf life (Anything that sits on the shelf for more than 3 hours gets tossed into the bin.)
  • To use high quality tea leaves in brewing tea (Dakasi only uses imported tea leaves from Taiwan, compared to other brands that use powder mixes for their milk tea.)
  • Not to use tea powder or overnight tea (Dakasi doesn't compromise the quality of their drinks just for the sake of not wanting to waste ingredients.)
  • To use freshly cooked quality sugar (Dakasi doesn't use the usual industrial sugar, but instead they cook their own sugar. Same goes for their pearls, teas, and even their ice to ensure maximum freshness and cleanliness of their products.)
  • To guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Aside from their wide array of drinks, Dakasi will be adding snacks on their menu in a few weeks.

I spy some bread, cheesesteak sandwiches, and other healthy and equally yummy snacks to go with their drinks.

Since it was my first time to try Dakasi, I went for their bestselling drink, Bubble Milk Tea.
Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea

Did it live up to the hype? I'd love to tell you, YES! I am a lover of the usual Okinawa, Hokkaido, and Wintermelon milk teas, but this one is just pure creamy, smooth, and fragrant indulgence. I can distinctly taste the milkiness of this one, and it's never too sweet. The pearls are a bit smaller than the ones I am used to, but they're soft, chewy, and definitely fresh. This has become my instant favorite, that I had 2 large servings during the event. Haha! I know I should have tried other variants, but there's always a next time.

With my favorite Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea

Speaking of next time, my friends and I went to Dakasi in Banawe just last Saturday for another milk tea fix after a long day at work.

Banawe and Trinoma are the branches closest to me, so looks like I'll be having my milk tea more often! I'll share with you what we got.
Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea (Regular P90.00, Large P100.00)

Since this was my favorite, I talked my Okinawa Milk Tea-loving friend to try Dakasi's Bubble Milk Tea. And true enough, he enjoyed it as much as I did!
Oreo Milk Tea (Regular P90.00, Large P100.00)

This one is for Oreo-lovers, and I think it's best enjoyed as is, without any sinkers. This was my friend's order, and she liked it because it had cookie bits in it and it wasn't too sweet as well.
Strawberry Au Lait (Regular P90.00, Large P100.00) +
Chocolate Pudding (P15.00)

For a change, I ordered Strawberry Au Lait, which is a fruity yoghurt drink. I should have gotten it without a sinker as well so I could enjoy it at its sweet and tangy state. This drink reminded me of the strawberry yoghurt snacks I usually buy from the supermarket. And, because it's yoghurt-based, don't expect it to be totally sweet. This one even has real strawberry bits in the drink, and is very smooth, refreshing, milky and fruity all at the same time.

Visit Dakasi's website and check out Dakasi Philippines on Facebook for more information, promos, and  updates. Have you tried the well-loved milk teas (and other drinks) from Dakasi? Which one is your favorite? :)



  1. Their branch also recently opened here in Iloilo, and so far I am loving Dakasi. Cute place, perfect blend of milk-tea :) But I have only one wish: that they have a comfort room. You know how our bladder can get when drinking milk tea!


    1. Dakasi stores are so bright and cheery, and I particularly like the star mascot/character on their logo. Cute eh! :D

      That's so true! The branches I've been to have CRs though (Dela Rosa and Banawe). Maybe the one in Iloilo has no space.

  2. Oh, I see this along Banawe. It's just a small shop in a corner but I've always been curious about their milk teas. I'm now convinced that I have to try their teas. Thanks for this Helen! ^^

    1. Yey!!! Go Charlie! Yup, that's the same branch I've been to. Do try their milk teas soon. :)

  3. i think there's a dakasi branch in greenhills! i'd love to drop by soon and try their bubble milk tea :)

    1. Go Hazel! You'll love it, I'm sure! :D

  4. We are both having the same taste when choosing milk tea drinks. I am also a lover of Okinawa and Wintermelon milk teas. I tried their Bubble Milk tea and it taste so yummy. I'll drop by at Dakasi Festival Mall branch to try other milk tea drinks. -herschel

    1. Wow, we love the same flavors! :D Another flavor I like from Dakasi is the Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea; it's like Bubble Milk Tea with coffee in it. Maybe you'll like it too, Herschel! Enjoy your visit in Dakasi Festival Mall! :)

  5. Try their Blueberry Au Lait! Basically, it's just blueberry with yogurt. Yum!

    1. Oh I'd love that! Thanks for recommending! :)


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