Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Face Shop Color-full Lip Palette 01

I love the idea of carrying a lip palette with me, since I know that I can change my look in a snap! When I spotted this pretty palette at The Face Shop, I swatched the shades on my hand, and it went straight to my shopping basket. I liked the mix of rosy and peachy hues on this one. They do have another version of this for those who are into nude/brownish shades.

The Face Shop Color-full Lip Palette 01 (P425.00)

About the Product:

The Face Shop Color-full Lip Palette in 01 has 4 shades of sheer, glossy lip colors. Don't be fooled by the shade names, there are no matte shades in this one.

As for the packaging, I love the dainty print on the cover, and the fact that it has a big mirror inside. The lip brush that came with it is not bad either; it's soft and the size isn't too small like other brushes that come with lip palettes.

Matte Deep Rose | Glossy Shine Pink
Glossy Soft Peach | Matte Violet Rose

Matte Deep Rose | Glossy Shine Pink | Glossy Soft Peach | Matte Violet Rose

See how amazingly pigmented the shades are on my arm swatch? This palette is comprised of sheer, glossy colors.

Matte Deep Rose

The color is nowhere near matte and deep, but I LOVE the rosy tint of this my-lips-but-better shade! It's the only shade in this palette that has no shimmer, so it looks so natural and beautiful!

Glossy Shine Pink

This ought to be named frosty, shimmery pink. This shade looked so cute and promising on my arm, but when worn, it made me look pale and sick. This one has fine flecks of silver shimmer. I also find this shade harder to blend. To offset the paleness of this shade, dramatic eye makeup is required.
Glossy Soft Peach

This shade has a similar texture to Glossy Shine Pink (above), but I liked that this shade is a warmer version of it (with gold shimmer instead of silver), hence it is more wearable. I'd match this with peach cheeks.
Matte Violet Rose

Again, this one is not matte. It has silver shimmer flecks, but since it comes in a darker hue, it makes my lips look more alive. 

As for the lasting power, I'd say that it's weak. It doesn't really last since it's more of a sheer lip gloss in palette form, but one good thing about it is that it's non-sticky and the texture is light. I like the fruity scent and the moisturizing power of this one. My lips feel soft whenever I use this.

If you're looking for lipstick-level intensity in terms of shade, you may opt to skip this one. But if you're after a natural look with lightly tinted lips (which is very Korean makeup inspired), then you'll love this!

As for repurchasing, I don't think I will, since I only love one shade in this palette, which is Matte Deep Rose! I think I will hit pan that square and just play around with the other shades. If I find a lipstick in this exact shade, I'd buy it ASAP! To say that I rarely go for natural lipstick shades, I think this Matte Deep Rose is really lovely.

The Face Shop products are available in all The Face Shop outlets nationwide. Like Thefaceshop Philippines on Facebook for more information regarding their products, in-store promos, and the much awaited Christmas gift sets!


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  1. Gorgeous lips! Love the shades of the first and third lip swatches!

  2. it look so pretty!! all the shades are really lovely! thanks for sharing =)

  3. love the violet rose! this looks like a product na super handy you can just bring it anywhere. okay lang kahit hindi matagal yung lasting power, at least it's so handy, you can bring it anywhere or even slide it in your pocket, perhaps. :)

    1. I think bagay sayo yung Violet Rose. :) Yup! That's what I love most about this palette. I can bring it anywhere talaga.

  4. ..as much as I want to play my lips with colors,super naco conscious ako with my thick lips..

    1. You're lucky to have thick luscious lips! Others have to use gloss to achieve what you have. If you really want to downplay it, try matte lippies. :D


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