Monday, November 19, 2012

Dress Me Up 2 | Dairy Queen Black Forest Launch

I'd have to admit that I'm no fashion expert, but when Kath of The Araneta Center invited me to take part in the Dress Me Up 2: A Fashion Blogger's Event, I immediately said yes! Part of me was excited and scared at the same time, since I have no experience in styling. I can't even style myself well; I get and learn tips from my younger sisters who are more fasyon than I am. Since this event was something I have never experienced before, I knew it was worth a try!

Dress Me Up 2: A Fashion Blogger's Event

The call time for bloggers was early at 9AM at Gateway Suites. We were given our schedules, which entailed pull-outs of clothes and accessories from brand sponsors at Gateway Mall, lunch, fittings of models, a photoshoot, then an actual fashion show at the end of the day. The theme of the outfits that we had to re-create was "Black Forest", which was Dairy Queen's holiday flavor. We had to pick outfits with accents of red, black, and white. All bloggers were game at took the challenge head on!

During the event, I was partnered with Aylin Vedad, lifestyle blogger of I met Aylin before during the a!life Control event, but it was at this event that we got the opportunity to bond over [window] shopping.

Prior to doing pull-outs, we picked our model at random. While we wished to pick a female model - just because ladies are easier to style (for me, that is), I picked a name from Kath and lo and behold, we had to style a male mode.

Most of the brand sponsors catered to ladies, which was why we were worried that we couldn't come up with a nice outfit. The first stop was Bayo. I loved the clothes here in this store - everything is so feminine and girly. Bayo is definitely the place to go for those who are after that classy, romantic look.

Second stop was Promod. What they had was mostly Fall/Winter clothes, which is great for those who will be traveling to countries with cooler climate this holiday season. I also envied the bloggers that had female models, since Promod was a haven for high fashion finds. I wanted the red trench coat, pants, booties, and bags, but all my partner and I pulled-out were scarves. Haha!

Third stop was Parfois. It was accessories wonderland! Seeing all the dangling, shining earrings made me wish I had ear piercings! (Yes, my ears aren't pierced.) They also had beautiful scarves, bags, and shoes, along with their much loved bracelets and necklaces.

Fourth stop was the premium shoe store, Sebago. I loved this store; they have the nicest shoes for men. They make use of nice, long-lasting materials (like genuine leather) for their shoes, so you can be sure that each pair will last for years (in terms of sturdiness and color). Invest on a pair of Sebago shoes - it's worth it!

With Aylin and Jharry, the best intern ever
(from The Araneta Center's Marketing Team)

The fifth stop was Marks & Spencer. Going to Marks & Spencer during -ber months is an all too familiar scenario for me! Before, it meant Christmas shopping! But now I had to look for guy clothes. It's here at Marks & Spencer that we got most items for our model. I have to say, they do carry lots of nice clothes for men, but some were just too pricey.

Because I was also window shopping, I want to share with you some finds that would make for nice Christmas presents!

This has to be my favorite section of the store - the mini grocery! I love food, even if it doesn't really show.

Last but not the least was Marithe Francois Girbaud, or more commonly known as just Girbaud. I remember saving up part of my allowance during college just to buy their bags! I liked how their designs are trendy and hip.

Here's everything we got! We looked like mad shoppers walking around Gateway Mall while carrying all these. The people must have thought we were shopaholics! Haha!

Our lunch was sponsored by Pizza Hut!

After lunch, we had to come up with 2 sets of outfits for our pinboard.
Outfit #1
Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Pants: Marks & Spencer
Belt: Marithe Francois Girbaud
Scarf: Parfois
Shoes: Sebago
Outfit #2
Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
Pants: Marks & Spencer
Belt: Marks & Spencer
Cap: Marithe Francois Girbaud
Bag: Marithe Francois Girbaud
Shoes: Sebago

After shooting our outfit pegs, we were introduced to our model, Enrique Nor from Next Models. He's has the perfect face and body, so there's no need for Adobe Photoshop. Look!

The red scarf looks nice and it really pops because of the almost all-black ensemble. The high-cut shoes added that certain edginess to the look.

While waiting for his turn, Enrique was goofing around, showing us how he looked like when he's enjoying Dairy Queen's Black Forest Blizzard.

Then to the actual photoshoot. The ice cream melted because he was so hot. Haha!

Here's our team picture: I, Enrique, and Aylin

Before the fashion show, we had a light dinner which was also sponsored by Pizza Hut. Since I was so nervous, as we had to walk the runway and explain our look, I couldn't eat dessert even if I wanted to.

This was our final look. It's very classic and wearable. The overall feel is casual and festive, because of the red accents. This makes for a nice outfit for when you'll attend holiday festivities and events this Christmas.

The bloggers also had the chance to walk the runway, and explain our look! Even if my partner and I didn't win this time around, we had so much fun for our first styling gig. I hope we would be given another opportunity to participate in an event like this in the future. Dress Me Up 2 was indeed a success!

It was during this event that Dairy Queen launched their holiday ice cream, Black Forest! Dairy Queen’s Black Forest collection is a classic favorite that will never go out of style. It is the perfect blend for the holiday season.

Dairy Queen Black Forest Blizzard
Available in three sizes: 9oz (P89.00), 12oz (P109.00) and 16oz (P129.00)

Made from Dairy Queen’s classic soft-serve vanilla ice cream blended with maraschino cherry, cherry syrup, chocolate chunks, and even made more delectable with brownies and cocoa fudge. Now available also with Mint, this Holiday favorite is made even more perfect for the season.

Dairy Queen Black Forest MooLatte
Available in 6oz (P59.00) and 12oz (P109.00)

Dairy Queen’s soft-serve vanilla ice cream is blended to perfection with coffee base, maraschino cherries, cherry syrup, and cocoa fudge that will make you feel the Holiday cheer even more.

Dairy Queen Black Forest Blizzard Cake (P799.00) 

Made of rich vanilla ice cream blended with maraschino cherry, cherry syrup, chocolate chunks, brownie and cocoa fudge, it is just as tasty as the Black Forest Blizzard but made even more festive just for the Christmas season.

Dairy Queen Christmas Dilly Bar (P39.00)

Shaped like a Christmas Tree, this soft serve ice cream treat is covered with rich chocolate and edible green trimming.

Dairy Queen knows how to give gifts that keep on giving, so for the Christmas season, they will be giving away 2 New iPads through their Black Forest Greetings Facebook promo. Like Dairy Queen Philippines on Facebook, and click on the Dairy Queen Black Forest App to join. Good luck!


PS. Photos without watermark are not mine.

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  1. What a cool experience! You look so pretty in that dress. =)

  2. What a cool experience! You look so pretty in that dress. =)

    1. It's the first time I've been to an event like this. Thank you so much, Charlie! :)

  3. Wow! Looks like a great shopping experience even if you're not shopping for yourselves! Hehe. I love the style you came up with! :)


    1. Thank you, Iya! It was challenging yet fun! :)

  4. I'd love to attend a blogger's event. Great blog! xx

    1. Thanks, Rien! Oh, you will soon! Just keep on writing. ;)

  5. You're sooo pretty Helen! Perfect model ka! <3 love ya girl!



    I have 2 giveaways on my channel. Subscribe to my channel to find out. ^_^

    1. Girl ikaw yung perfect model! Kita ko pics mo sa Youtube Channel mo! :D Hangout soon!

  6. Nice styling Helen! Crossover to fashion blogging na yan! :P
    Drooling over ze male model! :P

    1. May laban yung male model sa DQ ice creams, parehas yummy! :D Hahaha! Thanks, Janine! Though feel ko wala pa kong K fumashion blog. :)

  7. So you were competing against the Enciso twins! Noys! Ibang level :)


    1. They weren't able to come to the event. :O Sayang nga e.


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