Saturday, November 12, 2011

OOTD: Black and Purple

It's my first time to post an OOTD! Here's what I wore to Bobbi Brown's 20th Anniversary Party in Rustan's Makati and the Smart HTC Launch in Republiq Club yesterday, which I will write about this week. This ensemble is actually not mine. The top is from my sister and the skirt is from my other sister. The 5 of us share the same set of clothes. Cool right? :)

Top: 168
Skirt: K2
Shoes: VNC

I wore this flowy black lace top together with the purple bandage skirt - tucked in so it looked neater and more like a dress.

Photo Credit: Ria

Best part is we got this top at a bargain price of P150.00! Galing sa 168 eh. :) Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. I love, love, love the skirt :)) More OOTD's to come. :))

  2. Wow! I like the ensemble especially the top from 168 :) Love it!

  3. I love this OOTD, perfect combination!

  4. Ang cute ng skirt!! <3 Wheres K2? HAHA! :) :)

  5. @Ria: Thank you naman sa support! Post your OOTD na rin. :)

    @thebeautifulpig: Thank you! :)

    @Rose: Thank you!

    @Nades: K2 is in Trinoma, near the exit going to SM. But Cindy saw the her other skirt that she bought from K2 at Landmark Makati for half the price, so sa Landmark ka nalang bumili. :)

  6. great find dear! you look amazing! :)

  7. @Sugar: Sweet! :) Thank you and you look amazing yourself too.


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