Thursday, April 5, 2018

Caronia has... body mists?!

When I got a package from Caronia Philippines, I expected the contents to be nail polish or manicure stuff. Much to my surprise, they were small colorful bottles of body mists! Guess who got too excited. Haha 🙋

Caronia is a trusted nail-care brand for fifty years, and I like how they now ventured to body care products as well.

Caronia Body Mist is available in five refreshing scents and packed in handy, travel-friendly bottles. Perfect for that burst of freshness this summer!

Watermelon Burst was the first scent I tested, and a spritz of this immediately transported me to my teenage days. This was the kind of scent I used to wear way back in high school, wherein I'd always pick sweet watermelon or melon body mists. This one is delightfully fresh, cool, and sweet - as in instant bagong ligo yung feeling even when summer makes you feel hot and sticky. It somehow smells like a mabangong shampoo, so I also use it (sparingly) as a hair mist. For a cologne, this lasts around 3 to 4 hours - not bad! This one's a bestseller, but it's my second favorite among the five scents. You'll see why later. 😉

Mango Mania is a brave take on a body mist because it's not the usual popular scent. This tropical mango scent in a bottle is so unique, and it's sure to capture everyone's attention. It reminds me of summer vacations. It's a scent I'd use for beach trips.

Guava Brava is zesty and sweet at the same time. I can't believe our humble bayabas is now turned into a fresh fragrance! 😀 If you're into citrus scents similar to pink grapefruit, you will like this one.

Sugar Love is a combination of brown sugar and fig. What an adventurous combination! 😮 At first, the bottle reminded me of The Body Shop's Shea Body Mist, but the scent is nothing like it. Sugar Love has a sweet nutty (and even buttery) scent that almost smells like food. This variant smells like vanilla! Among the five variants, this one is the most long-lasting. (It lasted the entire day on me without me needing to retouch.) I figured I can experiment with it by combining it with Green Tea Splash (below).

Green Tea Splash is my favorite among the five body mists, mainly because I also use Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. While both fragrances do not smell the same when sniffed from the bottle, Caronia Body Mist in Green Tea Splash is a very nice and, not to mention affordable, alternative that's good for everyday wear. I use it everyday in the office, and it relaxes me even during stressfully long OT hours. This variant is a fresh, clean, and crisp. The only downside is that it has the shortest longevity among the body mist variants - around 2 hours only. I do not mind reapplying though. Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea lasts about the same amount of time on me, too.

Spend vs Save!

Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea (30ml) costs around P1,500 in the mall, while Caronia Body Mist (50ml) costs only P60! 

And look, Elizabeth Arden has a Green Tea Fig variant! Perhaps I can mix and match two Caronia Body Mists (Sugar Love + Green Tea Splash) to come up with a new and unique personalized scent.💡

Price: P60
Available at BeautyMNL, Unimart, Super 8, Metro Department Store, Makati Supermarket, Isetann, Ever, Cash & Carry, AllShoppe, Allday, LCC, CSI, Boramart, and Landmark

I hope you liked this summer beauty discovery! 😍 Which variant of Caronia Body Mist is your top pick?


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  1. OMG!
    i loved elizabeth arden,
    thank you for posting this.
    now i have a cheaper alternative for my fave scent

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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