Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cream Silk Fresh Hydration

The best beauty innovations for me are products that promise up to 24-hour hydration while having the lightest, loveliest texture. An example is the moisturizer I reviewed yesterday, Althea's Fixer Cream. As for the hair, Cream Silk's newest variant FRESH HYDRATION, is designed specifically to combat summer-dryness. (Bye bye, amoy araw!)

I actually saw this in the department store earlier this month and was drawn to it since the packaging looks bright and cool. I'm all for products that can give me a fresh feeling, since it gets really hot and humid here in the Philippines.

To be honest, I have no patience with heavy conditioners. I'd rather skip them and just use shampoo alone. I'm currently using Zenutrients Strengthening Gugo Shampoo for my thinning hair, but sometimes my hair feels rough/hard when I rinse it, so I paired it with Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner for a softer finish. I immediately felt the difference as I washed it off - super soft and not greasy at all! It smells and feels fresh, and it takes longer for my scalp to start feeling oily.

This variant just launched this month and is limited edition. HUHU 😭 Based on its performance vs our forever summer weather, Cream Silk should make this variant part of their permanent range. 👍

Price: P109 for 170mL
*also available in a big 340mL tube

Have you tried Cream Silk Fresh Hydration? 💙


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