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How to fake that well-rested GLOW - under P1,000!

Who here lacks sleep? 🙋

I'm always puyat. I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is. My daily work schedule ends at 8PM, so I almost always sleep past midnight. By the time I get home, I'm already dying so forgive me for the lack of updates. Haha 😂 Today, I'm going to share with you my 3 favorite drugstore products that gives me that well-rested GLOW even if I don't get enough sleep.

Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Eye Roll-On
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment
Collagen by Watsons White Regeneration Instant Finishing Cream

Before & After
AKA how I make my eyebags disappear

I remember using up a tube of this before; it was my very first Garnier product! Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Eye Roll-On (P240) has improved and refomulated through the years, and I like how this one has an instant cooling effect due to the metal rollerball applicator that always stays cool even in room temperature. It has caffeine extract that de-puffs eye bags. It's a relaxing treat for the eyes - in the morning when I wake up, before I apply makeup, by midday when my eyes feel tired from working in front of the computer, and also at night before I sleep. It's addictive to use, and I think I'll empty this one in no time!


I first spotted Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment (P399) way back July 2017 which I posted in IG. I got a tube soon after and didn't even take decent product shots of it in its pristine condition, but I've been using it everyday. It comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium, and Honey. Mine is obviously Light, and I love how lightweight and blendable the formula is. It doesn't really treat my dark circles, but I love how it manages to cover them all day - which is good enough for me. My sister hates the sponge tip applicator since it's rather unhygienic, absorbs a lot of product, doesn't look nice when it's old, but it functions well when it comes to application that I don't even need to use a separate concealer brush anymore. This concealer makes my eyebags disappear, and I will definitely repurchase this when I run out.

As for the photo above, I'm wearing the Garnier Eye Roll-On, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, and only a miracle skincare product all over my face - with no other makeup product! The glow is real, and I found it in a Watsons skincare brand! OMG 😍

I'm no brand snob since I love affordable products that give a bang for your buck. I buy body wash from Watsons when they're on a buy 1 take 1 deal, but never have I ever thought that I will actually try their skincare line. I'm half scared to experiment with Watsons skincare, but since Denise and Kaycee were all raving about this cream, I ran to Watsons after work, 10 minutes before the mall closed to get my own tub.

You can fake that glow and cheat your way to chok chok skin with Collagen by Watsons White Regeneration Instant Finishing Cream (P499 regular price, P399 for non-members, P319 for SMAC members/BDO Rewards card holders until January 24, 2018). This product is paraben-free and is made in Korea.


The cream has a light floral fragrance and a pearly finish.

Niacinamide is high up on the ingredients list - 6th to be exact. It has 3 types of collagen - marine, green, and hydrolysed - for smoother and more elastic skin. This product adds natural translucency to skin instantly for that glow which you can see in photos, and even more in person. No need for makeup!

There are 2 ways to use this cream:
  1. Apply at night as the last step of your skincare routine (after moisturizer) to seal in all the good stuff.
  2. Use as a makeup base. 

Swatches - looks like highlighter!

Before & After

No makeup, just concealer + cream!

The glow is even more evident in person! This cream is crazy effective. However, I have oily skin so I look shiny with this on when the weather gets hot. In the office though where the air-conditioner is always angry and blasting, this cream works like a charm. The floral scent lingers on, too. I can smell it an hour after I applied it. It smells nice though, I just had to mention it to those who are sensitive to fragrances in skincare.

There you go! These are my go-to products everyday to combat haggardness even when I lack sleep. 😉 Do you have your glow secrets, too? Spill! 😍


PS. Today's the last day for you to get the Collagen by Watsons Instant Finishing Cream on SALE!!! 💸 You're welcome! 👍

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