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Enter a collagen box and go back to baby skin in 1.5 hours!

Collagen is naturally occurring in our bodies, but it won't hurt to add more of it to our life. I personally feel like a Tita already so I'm fascinated how it comes in many forms - powder, hot pot (YUM!), and Red Light Collagen Therapy at Beauty Lab Whitening (which is my favorite beauty indulgence to date).

I've done a detailed review of Beauty Lab Whitening's Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment a couple of months back, and just recently I've had my fourth session. Delinquent client, I know. Haha! You can even do 3 treatments in the span of a week for maximum results if you like. My treatments were spaced far apart since I just go whenever I have an OT-free Saturday or if I'm already super stressed. (What a way to pamper my skin!)
My favorite time to go to BGC is on a chill Saturday morning since I think everyone's still asleep and there's no traffic. LOL! Whenever I arrive, I just head straight to the changing room and trade my clothes for a bathrobe. You don't have to bring anything since they provide everything - even shower cap, disposable undies, and "hotel" slippers.

This is what happens during the Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment:

First step is face and body exfoliation, and I have decided that this one's my favorite part of the treatment since it feels so good! The scrub they use isn't gritty but it does the job really well. It doubles as a massage, too. I'm curious with the Suaviss Balancing Toner since it felt rather refreshing on my skin. (Might give it a try soon!)

After scrubbing, a pre-conditioning cream was applied to my face and entire body. This one whitens the skin and prevents melanin from forming. It also contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin! (My face already feels so smooth at this point!)

Finally, time to enter the famed R-630 Collagen Machine! Every time the red lights are turned on, it never fails to amaze me. These Cosmedico Collagen Pro Beauty lamps are made in Germany, and are 100% safe. Zero risks, side effects, and downtime! This ray therapy can activate collagen cells that play a crucial role in anti-aging, so the skin becomes tighter and healthier. It also decreases the activity of melanin cells, giving the skin a pinkish white glow!

I stayed in the machine for a good 15 minutes less the bathrobe. I wore a pair of goggles to prevent glare, but this light is safe for the eyes. You can plug in your phone and enjoy music so you won't get bored. As for me, I just sang with my arms raised up so the red light hits even my underarms. (Of course I wanted whiter and smoother underarms! Who doesn't?) 😁 Inside the machine, it was warm but not stuffy since there are overhead fans.

Here's a no filter selfie right after the last step, which is the post conditioning cream application. This step targets melanin cells and protects the skin with SPF 20. It also locks in the nutrients from the treatment, and gives the skin that immediate one shade lighter effect. I (especially my face) always come out reddish when I come out of the R-630 Collagen Machine, but the redness tones down once my body gets accustomed to room temperature. What I've consistently noticed from every session I have is that the Red Light Collagen Therapy kills off the painful acne that's about to emerge from my face. For example, I can feel a pimple underneath my skin today, if I go and have this treatment done, the pimple would change its mind and not come out anymore. Super love it! 👍 This treatment could work for those with acne or bacne. Also, I can notice the whitening effect the most on my arms, since it has always been darker than the rest of my body. Now it's evening out! After the treatment, I didn't feel the need to put on a lot of makeup, just lipstick! (Evidence is here!)

These are ALL the benefits you can get from the treatment! I've previously shared a discount code which has helped some of my readers, so I'll still share it again later. But first, let me share with you this feedback from one of my readers who emailed me after getting the treatment done! 💛

I'm so happy it has worked well for Percy (and others), too! 😍 Dearest readers, feel free to share with me your Beauty Lab Whitening experiences as well!

Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment

  • Regular price - P5,000/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P19,500
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P27,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions + home care product) - P33,500

Whitening Solution Facial Treatment
  • Regular price - P2,500/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P11,000
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P14,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions) - P16,000

If you want to try this service too, just mention the code BLWHELEN10 and enjoy a 10% discount on everything - be it a session, an entire package, or even their skincare products! 😗 Call 546-4601 to book your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. They're open everyday from 10AM to 10PM.

Another tip: For commuters, Bonifacio Stopover now has a bus stop if you're taking the BGC Bus. Just take the West Route! 💙

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