Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cathy Doll Tattoo Tint Pack & Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint

Eyebrow tints are products I wished were available way back when I haven't had my brows tattooed yet. Imagine not having to worry about your brows for days! 😁

Cathy Doll sent me some of their newest eyebrow products, and these are just too good to not share! (I can't use them myself, so I had my sisters use them for me. Lucky them!)

Inside the box are 3 shades of the NEW Cathy Doll Tint Tattoo Pack (P549 each). I've reviewed Etude House Tint My Brows Gel (P528) a few months back, and though it came in a bigger packaging, it only contained 5 grams product in it. This one from Cathy Doll comes in a smaller tube but contains 5.2 grams. The price point is almost similar, so I'll discuss some differences with both tints in a bit.

With this product, you won't have to undergo the pain that comes with eyebrow tattooing. (I've had it done, and trust me, it was NOT painless. I have high pain tolerance, and I do such things for beauty, but it really did feel as if my brows were undergoing abrasions for a hour despite the topical anesthesia.) This product contains snail secretion filtrate (which has skin healing properties), argan oil, and Jeju camellia.


#03 Medium Brown, #04 Deep Brown, #05 Dark Brown

I made a mistake though with swatching the third shade (#05 Dark Brown). I just did one coat since I felt that it was dark enough already. The first 2 stripes (#03 Medium Brown  and #04 Deep Brown) are results of double coating. My sister, who has colored her hair brown, finds #05 Dark Brown too dark, so I think this one will work for those with black hair. I left these tints on for 30 minutes on my arms, and peeling them off was effortless and not messy at all. On my arms, these swatches lasted for a week despite me taking a bath twice a day. 😮

When worn:




As you can see, my sister doesn't have brows, so she's the perfect candidate to test this product. She likes the Korean brow look, and I think it suits her. She used the combination of #03 Medium Brown on her inner brows, and #04 Deep Brown on the rest of her brows, and this was the result. (You can opt to leave it on for 15-30 minutes, or even overnight!) There was no struggle with peeling it off the brows, and it was totally painless. (Compared to that of Etude House, which may take a bit of your brow strands as you peel it off.) The only con here is that on the brows, it lasts for 2 days and not 3 days (as stated in the box). My sister's skin is oily, so that could be a factor to consider with regards to the product's wear. On normal skin, this may last for up to 3 days. Overall, this Tattoo Tint Pack is worth trying, and if I didn't have my brows tattooed permanently, I will purchase and repurchase this one.

The other product they sent me was the Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint (P399) in #2 Ash Brown. Naturally, this shade was too light for me since I have black hair. I let my sister try it, but it was also too light for her as well. (I think this shade would suit those with light brown or blondish hair, so this product is now with my teammate for testing. Hehe!)

The concept of this product is really interesting! It comes with a tanning tint technology, so it darkens a bit after 5 minutes of application. Also, take a look at the applicator brush!

It comes with a 4-point tip brush, which resembles a "harmless" version the pen they use in eyebrow microblading (the one used for eyebrow stranding tattoo). You use this to draw on hair strands on your nonexistent brows! 😀


However, you have to have a light hand with this one or else the strands won't show. (It would just come out as a solid liquid brow tint.) This tint really lasts the entire day!

Cathy Doll products are available in the following locations:

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  1. Are those better than barbie dolls?

    1. Of course, girl! I'd pick these over Barbie dolls any day.


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