Sunday, February 12, 2017

I wanted a trim, but the stylist had something else in mind

When I got home, my sister teased me of having a Breakover Makeover. I rolled my eyes at her as an instant response. I was actually contemplating on getting a haircut, since it's been over a year since my last. When it comes to haircuts, I'm lazy like that. It's because no one really notices if I get one since my hair just curls up once I wash it. LOL! I promised to drag myself to the salon once I land a job offer, so here I am! 😂

I initially just wanted a trim, since almost ALL the stylist I've had before refused to cut my wavy hair short since it'll just puff up and be all difficult to style.

Plus, I've lost weight recently (something I am sad about), so long hair makes me look tired. I went to Bench Fix Salon Trinoma again after a long time, and my stylist for the day was Ronald (or Roland). (I'm terrible with names! 🙉) I asked for a trim and for them to use a diffuser to dry my hair so it would end up with a curly finish. He showed me via hand gesture that he would cut about 3-4 inches off my long hair and cut off the V-part of my layers at the back, and just give me soft layers. Okay! But it somehow ended up being around 7 inches gone - shoulder length!

Aftermath. I thought I was in trouble. It's been ages since my last shoulder-length hair, and I used to hate this length because it will get all frizzy and flyaway. They never used the diffuser on me, but they tried to blow dry my hair wavy. And yup, I got them flyaways. I wasn't stoked since I know I'll just like my hair for a day, but it turned out okay. I realized that my hair wouldn't get nasty flyaways, since it's all wavy to begin with. Haha. The first week, I felt like a lion since my hair did rise to the occasion, but I think it grew a bit and now it's easier to work with. I just use my favorite sea salt spray and scrunch away.

This is how my air-dried hair now looks like, after a long day at work plus one event. The length is just right, after all. Haircut just costs P350, which is pretty cheap. 😉 

So far, I've never had the same look whenever I have my haircut done at Bench Fix Salon. These photos are from when I was 23, 24, and 27. (I'm done with bangs!) 😛 And as you can see, I like documenting my haircuts like so. Which one do you prefer? 💛

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