Thursday, August 25, 2016

Haul + First Impressions: Fairywhite | Tamanu Skinaid | Hairegen

Just yesterday, I met my friend Jessica at DeAntonni Hobby Cafe. We used to be classmates during elementary, and now we're both into skincare and makeup. She brought a couple of skincare products from Okala Quality Research and Development Enterprises for me to try. The company was founded by her mom, and now they're working together to grow their brands even more. How cool is that to have a mommy that's so passionate with beauty, she even created her own skincare products! :D

If it's your first time to hear of the brands Fairywhite, Tamanu Skinaid, and Hairegen, that's alright as I'll walk you through them. (It's exciting to discover local brands!) I believe their presence is much stronger in the provinces, but you can find their products at most Mercury Drug Stores and also in Unimart Greenhills.

Here's my haul + first impressions:

Fairywhite Lightening Soap (P120)

While we were discussing about the products, Fairywhite's packaging caught my eye the most because it's so girly. (Even the bar of soap is pink!) With the sheer amount of whitening soaps in the market, what sets Fairywhite Lightening Soap apart is the combination of pearl powder, rosehip oil, and argan oil it contains. These ingredients are premium, hence the price. (My first impression - my what a pricey soap bar! If it's expensive, it has to work.) I usually have apprehensions using soap bars because I'm a shower gel kind of girl, but Jessica told me that she has been using this soap since high school both for her face and body (and she does have good skin), so I did the same. For the first time since I started blogging, I'm not afraid to use a soap bar on my face! So far, so good, my skin felt soft afterwards! (I will do a separate review together with the BB Lotion in the coming days.)

Fairywhite BB Lotion (P985)

Fairywhite does have a separate BB Cream for the face, and I have with me the BB Lotion for the body. It's my first time to try something like a "body makeup". I've used lotions that give an instant white effect, but this one's different in a good way. It has a peach tint, not white, so it blends in more naturally with your body and has less chance of looking ashy or fake. (It makes me excited to wear shorts and dresses this weekend! Gusto kong maachieve yung Sandara effect wherein even her legs are glowing.)

Tamanu Skinaid (P300/6ml, P530/12ml)

This couldn't have came in a more perfect timing. I don't have scar problems, but my Mom recently got injured by glass and had to have stitches, and she was concerned with the potential scarring. I'll let her try this and document the progress. Also, it a natural antibacterial oil that can also be used to treat a bevy of skin problems ranging from pimples, insect bites, wounds, to even eczema, burns, and more.

Note: This product is made from Bitaog (Ball Nut), so if you're allergic to nuts, do not use this product. 
Hairegen (P1,395)

This one I need. My hair at the top of my scalp started thinning late last year even if I've already stopped chemical treatments. Compared to other chemical brands wherein maximum time of usage is just 2 weeks then you'd have to stop, you can use Hairegen Antimicrobial Treatment Oil as often as you like. This product is natural and contains essential nutrients to help make the scalp healthier and the hair roots stronger. If this helps my current thinning/falling hair situation, I will definitely repurchase!

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Have you tried these brands before? If not, which one are you curious about? :)


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  1. Hi po, curious aq sa Hairegen, effective po ba talaga? wala po kasi aq maxado mabasa reviews or blog about sa hair treatment na ito, actually sa radio station ko lang madalas marinig ung ad nia, sobra bothered na po kasi aq sa pagnipis ng buhok ko, xmpre naghahanap po aq affordable pero effective, ang mahal kasi ng novo hair treatment, almost half the price nito hairegen, sana po mabgyan nio aq ng advice, salamat po

    1. Hi Lea! Ginagamit ko palang siya ngayon, though not everyday. Oil siya so I use it before shampooing, and napansin ko less hair fall and mas healthy tingnan yung buhok ko. Hindi bagsak yung waves. Kaso di ko pa masasabi as of now if nakakakapal siya ng hair kasi wala pa kong nakikitang regrowth of baby hair.

  2. Hi po ask ko lang po kung effective yung tamanu skinaid sa pimples and pimple marks and scars?? Matagal ko na po kasi tong problem


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