Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tried and Tested Anti-Acne Products Under P350!

I've had a bout of bad skin days (think: whiteheads on my entire face), hence I wasn't confident enough to write about makeup and skincare during the time being. They didn't show up much on photos, but my face felt really bumpy all over. I did a makeup and skincare detox, and overhauled my skincare regimen geared towards anti-acne. Now, I'm back and the bumps are finally gone! I'll share with you the products that have saved my skin during the process. Icing on top is that everything is P350 and below - all Asian cosmetics, too!

Operation: Save My Skin!

Cathy Doll Foam Cleanser (P18/6ml sachet, P299/100ml tube)
Origin: Thailand brand, Made in Korea

First up would be cleanser. I was initially saving these cute sachets for travel, but my skin needed everything "anti-acne" so I used them one after the other. Each sachet lasted me for about a week, which gives ample time for a proper review.

Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser has 6 functions as indicated in the packaging: anti acne, for sensitive skin, oil control, brightening, spot remover, and tea tree serum. It contains tea tree leaf extract and apple extract (which has anti-acne, anti-aging, and skin brightening properties). Both cleansers are white and foamy with just a mild scent, but I find this variant to give me a thorough, squaky-clean finish.

Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum + Foam Cleanser has 6 functions as well: whitening, bright toner, anti dark spot, anti blemish, soft & smooth, and glutathione serum. This one contains apple and papaya extract. It gives my skin a really soft feel afterwards, which was nice!

Between the two, I found the green one to give a more thorough cleanse, while the pink one leaves my skin soft and supple. I'd recommend them both depending on your skin concern. (For now, I'm leaning towards the anti-acne one because it's what I need. Plus, it was out of stock when I wanted to repurchase it at SM Makati.)

Check out more Cathy Doll products here. You may also backread my reviews. :)

Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner (P75/65ml)
Origin: Philippines
I had a love-hate relationship with this toner in the past. That's why it took me months just to finish the tiny 65ml bottle. It has a strong alcohol scent and it stings my face where there are wounds (self-inflicted ones from picking comedones/pimples). The first time I used it months ago, my face felt so dry that I ignored it afterwards. When my skin felt hopeless, I reached for it again and WOW now I love it. When I use a gentler toner, my skin would feel soft but not totally clean. This one show me all the dirt that was left on my skin after cleansing by turning my cotton ball into a yucky yellowish shade (probably from the makeup I wear). As long as I moisturized right after, there was no more dryness. I believe this aided my skin clearing process, and I'd repurchase as it's now empty.

PS. I only use this at night. Ain't got no time for a long skincare routine in the morning!

Origin: Philippine brand, Made in Thailand
I've already done a review for this way back 2013, and fast forward to 3 years, I still go back to this one whenever I need it, and it always works. I used to have tons of cute little deluxe samples of this, which I distributed to my colleagues so they too can experience this little wonder. I love this moisturizer because it's gel - the perfectly light texture for my oily skin. It contains my skin's BFF, salicylic acid, so a few weeks into using this, the bumps are gone. This doesn't leave my skin soft and plush though, just normal, but I love it because it heals!

PS. I also use this only at night, as makeup doesn't adhere to it smoothly. Also, salicylic acid makes my skin more sensitive to the sun. Read more Celeteque reviews here!

Ellana Supreme Blend Loose Mineral Foundation/Concealer in Cheer
(starts at P350 each for the refills)
Origin: Philippines
Last but not the least is my all-time favorite local makeup brand - Ellana Mineral Cosmetics! I never believed in mineral makeup until I tried Ellana's way back 2014 - since then, it has been my go-to powder because I never ever break out from it. (This brand caters to combination, oily, and even acne-prone skin!)

I visited their website just recently and I'm liking the makeover. Anyway, I have 2 types of powder with me. Chai Tea Latte is my exact shade match and it makes me look poreless! I use this more often compared to Cheer (which is the concealer version of Chai Tea Latte). I only get to use Cheer for my dark circles, and sometimes I skip it when I'm too lazy to open another jar. LOL

This one is the state of my Chai Tea Latte pot. It's the second one I'm about to empty, and it used to be filled up to the brim. Each refill packet 6g costs only P350, and it lasts me so many months, I lost count. (Next time, I'll count so I can inform you guys!) Ellana is promoting love for the environment so you can purchase either just the refill or if it's your first time to try this product, you could get the refill + empty refillable jar for only P499. I love it!

Hope you found this post useful! :D


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  1. Hi Ms. Helen. It is my first time to come across your blog. and as of the moment I am experiencing acne breakouts. huhu I will try your recommended products. Thank you!!

  2. hi, i used the cathy doll anti acne serum but i feel my face got burnt when i was out in the sunlight. it also stung. is this good for sensitive skin without sunblock? im afraid to try sunblock coz i really have sensitive skin might cause breakouts.

    1. It's not supposed to sting your face. Baka hindi hiyang so you have to stop using it. However, you must always be wearing sunblock. The weather's insanely hot and your skin will really get burned if you don't. It's just a matter of finding the right formula for your sensitive skin. :)


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