Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 + ALL Coupons Inside!

I've been a proud Bella since 2009! ♥

Every year, I look forward to the latest edition of Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner. It keeps me sane by keeping my schedule organized. It's also where I write down my thoughts, so please don't read my planner when you chance upon it on the desk. Haha! I know I don't use up most of the coupons inside it, but I always end up buying it anyway - every single year.

For 2015, the theme is "dance to the beat of your dreams". It's beautiful and inspiring! I liked the leatherette version better this time around since it looked more classy, but is this a sign of aging? Haha! :D

"The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life takes place." -Barbara De Angelis

Let's see what's inside the BDJ 2015 Power Planner!

I can't wait to fill these out! One fave among the ladies is the Menstrual Tracker. I personally love this, since I hate surprises. Haha!

There's an interesting article to read and to keep us inspired every month.
Monthly View
Weekly View
Bills and Cash Flow Tracker

Each planner comes with a sheet of free stickers, too.

Of course, the part you've all been waiting for! Presenting the "Perks of a Bella" booklet, where your Lifestyle Card and ALL 72 coupons are. 

Now, you don't really have to bring with you your planner when you're just out shopping since all the perks are inside this small, handy notebook! Plus, it comes with a plastic coupon holder as well.

The Lifestyle Card is your ticket to joining BDJ events in the future, and it's also where the generous partners of BDJ give us Bellas perks we can enjoy the entire year, no coupons needed.

Here are all the 72 coupons inside the planner. You be the judge if the planner is worth it!

I personally find the coupons from Ace Water Spa, Parisian, Fitness First, SORCIage by Wacoal, Jergens, Azta Urban Salon, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Cupcakes by Sonja very usable. The perks from Serenitea and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls aren't very substantial since 2014, so they need improvement.

P598.00 for the regular version (the one with the girl on the cover)
P680.00 for the leatherette version (the one I have)

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 is available online and at select National Book Store, Power Books, and Fully Booked branches. Like Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook for more information.

I'm loving my BDJ 2015 Power Planner, and I can't wait to use it! Do you have yours already? :D


PS. Some photos may not have watermarks, but you may not use it without permission.


  1. I really like the BDJ Planners, but I don't really write on it or read from it. I always rather use my phone or tablet. But I really like it. I buy it but not using it hahaha.

    1. Hahaha! I understand you. I do write on mine, but I end up not using mga 80% of the coupons. I either just give them away or let them expire. But I always, always end up buying every year. :D

  2. the coupon code for Celeteque is missing?

    1. I haven't checked the back of the coupon. Baka andun. :P


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