Friday, November 28, 2014

Get Super Star Lashes at Stylash - Now at 50% Off!

Getting my eyelashes done at Stylash is my guilty pleasure. Haha! They have 5 styles of extensions (Nude, Natural, Glamorous, Super Star, and Full Diva), and I've already tried 4 out of 5! :D

Last Monday, I dropped by the salon again to have the remnants of my previous Full Diva extensions removed. Full Diva lasted me 6 weeks until I couldn't take the gaps anymore and so I had it redone. I like how Stylash is able to remove extensions quickly without causing lash fall - compared to when you pluck it out yourself. That's a huge no-no!

After removal, I had Super Star done! If you want to read about the ENTIRE experience, feel free to read my first Stylash post. That one's pretty extensive.

Super Star Lash Extensions at Stylash: 240 pieces (120 pieces/eye)
Style: Chic
Curl: C-shape
Length: 8mm & 10mm combined
Diameter: 20

I choose the C-shape curl over the J-shape every single time for the main reason that it looks prettier and more doll-like. For the style Chic, they used 8mm lashes on the sides of my eyes, and 10mm on the center to get the shape. Because of my previously done lashes, there has been a slight fallout so they opted me to have the lash diameter of 20 vs 15 (which looks thinner per strand). This will make my lashes look fuller.

In case you're wondering why the different styles look similar in my blog posts, the secret lies with the lasting power. The more expensive styles means more strands of extensions, which leads to longer lasting power since fall outs will be barely noticeable. For example, in my experience, Natural only lasted me 3 weeks tops, while Glamorous and Full Diva lasted more than a month.

I think they've also change the supplier of their mink lashes. The ones I recently have still feel light (as if I had no extensions on, I swear), but they look separated, feathery, and really natural even after weeks.

Amazing news! Get 50% off on Super Star (P1,200.00 -> P600.00 and Full Diva (P1,600.00 -> P800.00) this SALE weekend (November 28-30, 2014) at Stylash Fisher Mall, Landmark Makati, SM BF Paranaque, and SM Bicutan! (30% off applies on brow tint service.)

As usual, I'm very satisfied with my Stylash extensions. I can rock the "I woke up like this" look with just pretty lashes. Try it naaaa! :D 

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