Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sample Room Order#4: Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF 50 + Review

My fair skin burns easily, and after a sunblock mishap one day trip (Instead of the usual SPF 50, I used a sunblock lotion with SPF 30 and now I have a tank top-shaped sunburn on my shoulders), never again will I use anything lower than SPF 50 for my body.

On one random visit to (yes, I visit the site from time to time!), I chanced upon the last 4 stocks of Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF 50 (restocked!) and didn't hesitate to get one. After a few hours, all stocks were gone. Lucky me. :D

Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF 50 PA +++
Cell Protect

You see, Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF 40 is my HG face sunblock. I'm now on my 4th tube of that, and I already have a 5th one in my closet as a backup. Belo SunExpert actually has a sunblock lotion for the body, but I'm more excited for the spray-type one since I'm lazy and I hate the sticky feel that comes with almost ALL sunblock lotions in general.


  • High SPF in a convenient spray-type packaging (need I ask for more)
  • Sprays at any angle
  • Transparent and even application, definitely no white cast
  • Has a sweet scent (smells good for a sunblock)
  • Has an initial sheen when applied, but it goes away when it dries
  • Dries fast
  • No sticky or oily feel
  • Immediate effectivity - no need to wait for 20-30 minutes, just spray and go!
  • Water-resistant
  • Contains chamomile extract to calm the skin
  • Contains menthol, hence the mild cooling sensation
  • Contains no parabens

  • Packaging needs improvement (spills when tilted)

Price: P449.75 for 100ml
Available in leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide

I've used this everyday during my travel to work so I'd feel more protected from the sun. I love that it feels as if I have nothing on (except for my clothes, of course), but I know I won't burn. I haven't tested this out in the beach yet, but I'll be bringing this one on my next day trip. Will update you guys with the result! As of now, I'm loving it. ♥

What Belo SunExpert products have you tried? Also, do you prefer lotion or spray-type sunblocks?



  1. aw Im planning to get this sa sampleroom sana pero it was out of stock na, now Im torn between the nivea spf50 or this? is the nivea one sticky?

    1. After trying the 2, I like Nivea SPF 50 spray better. Yun kasi aerosol spray so it dries almost instantly. Belo's would take a few minutes pa, and mas may sheen ito maybe due to its liquid nature. :)

  2. Hi! Have you tried it on your face? If so, which one is better to use on the face, the face cover or this transparent mist?

    1. Hi Winmarie! Nope, I haven't tried this on my face. I'm actually scared to used this on my face since it smells like cucumber melon. Haha! So I still stick to the face cover. :)

  3. Is it chemical or physical sunscreen?


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