Sunday, May 4, 2014

Haircut at Bang's Tony & Jackey, Fisher Mall

How often do you get a haircut?

With my wavy hair, I can go on without getting one for months! But that's not the case for now, since the hot weather dried out my tresses big time. It's not as wavy as it should be, which made me sad so I went to the salon after work for a mid-week makeover.

This time, I chose the newly opened Tony & Jackey branch at Fisher Mall. I'm loving the salon's look, very bright and clean. I believe the rest of their branches will follow suit with this new look of theirs.

Bang's Tony & Jackey, Fisher Mall

I wasn't able to book an appointment, but there weren't a lot of people waiting so I was the next one in line. The staff were very accommodating, and they even offered complimentary coffee or green tea.

Naturally, I chose green tea!

When it was my turn, I made my way towards the shampoo area. While my hair was being washed, the assistant was quite hard sell with the rest of their services. Good thing I was determined on just getting a haircut.

The one who did my hair was Ms. Paulina, Senior Hairstylist. (Go click the link, she's gorgeous!) She has a sunny personality that would make you feel comfortable instantly. She was smiling waving at me already, even as I was sitting in the waiting area! :D I told her I didn't want short hair, but she told me to trust her, and so I did.

Here's the finished product! The last time I had hair this short was in college. Now, I actually like it since it takes a way shorter time for my hair to air dry completely. Plus, it's a nice summer-ready change! Shorter hair makes me look less haggard, I just realized. The stylist does know best.

When I was done with my cut, I went to the counter to pay for the service, and received 2 Free Keratin Treatment vouchers (worth P1,500.00 each!). I think it's because their branch is barely a month old, so they want to retain their new customers and/or lure them back for a second visit (which I think will work). Totally unexpected but much appreciated. I shared one with my sister, while the other one I kept. Looks like someone will be going back to Tony & Jackey soon. ;)

Haircut Rates:
Bangs only: P100.00
Male: P300.00
Female: P500.00

Bang's Tong & Jackey, Fisher Mall
Address: 3/F Fisher Mall (beside Nail-It) Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave. Quezon City
Tel: (02)294-6522
Korean Hairstylist: Mr. Seven, Ms. Paulina, Mr.Dan
Store Hours: 10:00AM-9:00PM



  1. love the haircut, it's very appropriate for summer! :)

    1. I want to maintain it at this length, Krisella. Narealize ko hindi bagay sakin ang long hair. :D

  2. Gorgeous, Helen. Haven't tried any Korean salons pa but would love to soon! ;)


    1. You should try it sometime, Gel! :)

  3. What does it look like when it's not styled? 'Di yata siya magaling magstyle, it looks limp sa sides.

    1. Kulot parin siya, pero di ganito kaayos. Haha ;)

  4. Is it really 300 Pesos for men haircut?


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