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Unboxing: Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox [April 2014]

Welcome to Lucky Citrine's first unboxing post, featuring the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox! (Gah, now I know how Subscription Boxes Queen Tellie feels!) It's just really like Christmas in April (or whatever month you get your box) because of that lovely element of surprise and mystery that surrounds each box.

Now Unboxing: Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox

If you're not familiar with Glamourbox yet, let me just give you a brief background. Glamourbox is an online beauty subscription service that lets you discover and try premium and niche beauty brands. For a subscription fee of P595, you'll receive a curated box with at least five deluxe beauty samples delivered to your doorstep. If you liked the products you samples, you can buy from Glamourbox's online boutique or at the brand's actual stores.

This month's box was heavy and jam-packed, hence no seal. (And I think this is a happy problem. Haha!)

This box's theme is Perfectly Pristine - so fresh and perfect for summer! It covers everything you'll need to keep fresh during the hot summer months.

Curation Card

Here's the looong list of products, description, and prices.

Time for the big reveal! I know Glamourbox promises at least 5 deluxe samples per box, but look at this! The box runneth over with full-sized products and BIG deluxe samples. :D

In the order of my favorites, let's discover what's inside the box!

Barenaturals The Mane Event Nourishment Hair Mask
in Macadamia Nut and Argan Brazilian
Get ready for an all-natural hair mask that truly delivers! Infused with oat proteins and oils of macadamia nut, argan oil and colza, it helps condition, detangle, fight static and rebuild damaged hair.

Full Size 130g/P380
Sample Size 100g/P293

My hair's acting up lately, and it's not as wavy/curly as I want it to be. I think Mr. Sun dried it up, so I am really happy to see a natural hair mask in this box! It comes with a small spatula inside (surprise!), and it contains no silicone, paraben, phthalates, petrochemical, and SLES. It smells nice and has a thick texture; I'm just hoping it won't weight my hair down. We'll see about that soon!

Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion
Instantly hydrate & revitalize your skin with the refreshing sensation of this fast-absorbing gel lotion. Enhanced with watermind oil & vitamin E, it leaves skin touchably soft all day.

Full Size 200ml/P330

I love lotions and I seriously have a hard time sleeping at night whenever I forget to apply it, so it's no surprise this one also came as a favorite. I'm used to thick body butters, but a light gel lotion is more appropriate for the hot weather we're having now.

Barenaturals Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil
This back scrub made with lulur exfoliants and antioxidant-rich sacha inchi oil fights and sloughs off bacne and other common skin woes. It's all you need for a smooth and sexy back.

Full Size 170g/P290

Bacne is not really a big issue of mine, but it's lulur so I'm tempted to use it all over my body. Anyone ever had the same evil thought? Haha

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar
Get fairer, rosier skin quick! Belo expertly combines tranexamic acid with kojic acid for this soap that has 64% more lightening power than a product with kojic acid alone.

Full Size: 65g/P59.75

I've read a lot of people aren't too thrilled with the idea of having a whitening soap in the box, but I am! I'm a fan of Belo skincare products and I think they're really promising (yet affordable). I'll be using this after summer though to bring back the fairness that was. (No, I am still not regretting any of my day trips! Haha)

Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance
Feel instantly invigorated with this wondrous combination of citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Its citrusy scent keeps mosquitoes out too!

Full Size 250ml/P250
Sample Size 50ml/P50

I've actually tried the 2 other variants of Zen Zest Room Fragrances before (Kitchen Fragrance and Cabinet Deodorizer). This one's a welcome addition to our home since mosquitoes seem to love the taste of our blood. Eww. Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance has a strong scent, but I can take it as long as I don't get new bites.

Vanilla & Co. Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic
Quench skin with vitamins anytime, anywhere! This beauty tonic will recharge and protect skin from constant exposure to the sun, dust and pollution.

Full Size 150ml/P199
Sample Size 50ml/P67

At first, I wasn't sure what this was for. Is it a toner or face mist? But then I decided to settle with face mist. I wish they included the list of ingredients though, since I'm iffy when it comes with experimenting with new skincare products. Just like Pat, I am so relieved I didn't get the foot blush. LOL.

Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Dandruff, begone! Restore the natural balance of your scalp with this mild shampoo with PH 5.5. It removes dandruff flakes and reduces any irritations without drying it out.

Full Size 200ml/P425
Sample Size 20ml/P42.50

Plus points for the super cute bottle! Can't get any more travel-sized than this, huh? However, I'm not having major dandruff problems so I might just set this aside first.

Venus & Mars Naturals Smooch Lip Detox SPF15
Break free from chemicals! This lip butter is made only of the finest natural oils to make your puckers smooch-worthy! Charged with SPF15, it protects lips from sun damage.

Full Size 10g/P205
Sample Size 5g/P102.50

I love how this lip balm smells like peppermint! It's all natural to boot. It comes with SPF 15. Check, check, check. Almost perfect, but it would have been perfect if it came in a stick! No to dipping fingers in pots, especially during hiking or beach trips.


Clean Fragrance Shower Fresh
Inspired by the uplifting, nostalgic scent of soap, this juicy fragrance exudes a "just stepped out of the shower" freshness.

Full Size 30ml/P2,000

It has been said that French women are all for perfumes that spell seduction, so they can't understand why their Yankee sisters are all for the clean, shower fresh scent. I somehow agree that you definitely can't seduce anyone using soapy scents, but I find myself liking Clean's clean scent. Therefore, that makes me un-French. Haha

Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Tote this on your next adventure! With 99% organic aloe extracts, this multipurpose gel gives soothing relief to sunburn, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites and even acne.

Full Size 114g/P460
Sample Size 15g/P61

Korean brands sell tubs of Aloe gels with 92% aloe, while this one has 99% organic aloe vera juice. These sachets are very handy! I'm bringing a pack or two to my next trip just in case anyone's sunburned skin is in dire need of aloe relief.

Valda Pastilles
For instant cooling relief and fresh breath, just pop on of these chewable pastilles on your mouth!

Full Size 50g/P150
Sample Size 20g/P60

This one's so freakin' nostalgic. I was also one of those 90s kids who got really excited at the sight of a Valda Pastilles gold tin! But my excitement wore off when I opened this pack. My jelly pastilles were all "melted", so it turned into one big minty blob. It's hard to eat it like that, but I can't deny, it's still delish!

Subscription Fee: P595
Box Value: P1,355.75 (excluding the sample perfume vial and voucher)

Glamourbox doubled the amount of the subscription fee, which is a good thing since you certainly get more than what you pay for. Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox does not have as many makeup as I'd like it to have, but the bath and body care junkie in me just had a mini heart attack because of sheer excitement (upon opening the package), so I'd say it's pretty much worth it!

Like GlamourboxPH on Facebook for more information. There are still slots left for the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox. You may subscribe here! :)



  1. WOWWW!! Nag Beauty Box ka na! :D

    1. Ganda nitong box, everything's usable! :D

  2. Thank you for the unboxing post, Helen! :D

  3. I feel so sad for our sisters who received the foot blush haha! (kidding) I hope it really does work out for them. Glad to see you enjoyed your first foray into glamourbox, Helen!

    1. Hahaha! I've read from other blogs that the food blush is nice rin daw, so good for them as well. :)

  4. I think I would be needing that Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance!! Apparently im the only one in the family who gets mosquito bites huhu! Anyway I love the mix of products in this subscription box! Good job to GB :)

    1. I like that too! Mosquito magnets tayo. :|

  5. The influence is spreading, muhehehehe!


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