Monday, March 3, 2014

Pink Parlour, Revisited!

Who would get intimidated with a waxing parlor as posh as this?

Not me, definitely! Since I missed Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day at their A.Venue branch last month, I dropped by their branch in SM North EDSA The Block instead. It's my 6th Brazilian, so nothing can scare me now. Haha!

What I look for in a waxing salon is the cleanliness, and I am glad that Pink Parlour delivers that. Their tools are sterilized, the station sanitized, and absolutely no double-dipping!

(For a more detailed post about the treatment, you may read about it here.)

When I revisited Pink Parlour and went on with the procedure, this time around everything was...better. The warmth of the wax was just right, and I didn't worry about it burning my skin. Same as before, the therapist would place a small amount of wax on the area, wait for it to harden/solidify, and yank it off together with the hair. It wasn't totally pain free, as I don't think there will ever be a pain-free Brazilian. There were some moments when I thought why oh why I was subjecting myself to this, but the result was definitely worth it. My skin is so soft, smooth, and clean all over. No pain, no gain! But then, it's very tolerable. No need for any pain killers or whatever. This time around, the entire procedure lasted just around 15 minutes, tops!

Happy and hair-free! :D

The staff in Pink Parlour SM North EDSA are also very friendly and accommodating.
No awkward factor here!

Overall, I'm happy with the service I had with Pink Parlour. Would definitely visit this place again for my waxing needs. I just hope they also host a Hair Free Day here! I'd be the first person in line for sure. :D

Price: P900.00 for Brazilian wax

Pink Parlour SM North EDSA
5th Floor, Unit 500a-500b ANE The Block
Booking Hotline: 709-7093
SMS/Whats Up Bookings: +639176252797

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  1. I'm a Brazilian regular as well but I get mine done at a different waxing salon. I'd love to try Pink Parlour soon. SM North is the nearest branch din for me! :D


    1. Do you go to LayBare? :)

      Gotta love how SM North is so near to us.

  2. hope they had branch in alabang area ms helen

    1. As of now, they don't have one in Alabang yet. They have other branches in A-Venue and SM Pasig.

  3. i want to try this pero di ba masakit?

    1. Masakit, since I don't think there'll ever be a painless Brazilian. It's totally bearable and worth it! :)

  4. the parlor looks so posh :) love the kitty cat stuffed toy :)
    -angel of


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