Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Return of Krispy Skremes!

My all-time favorite doughnut store Krispy Kreme has just brought back Krispy Skremes to make your Halloween parties more fun!

Krispy Skremes Pumpkin

The Pumpkin has an iced vanilla frosting, with no kreme filling inside. Even if it's bright orange, it still tastes like classic vanilla. Just the way I like it, since it's sweet without being too sickeningly sweet.

Anybody would love to receive these doughnuts for Trick or Treat! Tomorrow, I bet most of you are going to celebrate Halloween with costume and sweet treats. Don't forget to drop by Krispy Kreme first to grab a dozen of these Krispy Skremes for just P395.00!

Happy Halloween! :D


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