Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Body Shop All-In-One Makeup Workshop

Here's another The Body Shop Love Your Body Workshop post! This time, it's about their latest makeup collection, which is the All-In-One Makeup range. I just love attending these free member-exclusive workshops sponsored by The Body Shop because I get to play with their newest makeup products and learn new beauty tips in the process. Hence, whenever there's a workshop near my area, I make it a point to attend! This one was held in Trinoma, so I went with my friend Ria.

Before the workshop began, there were announcements regarding the Cruelty-Free International Pledge. It's similar with the Stop Sex Trafficking signature campaign held last year, but this year, it's a call on governments and regulators around the world to recognise that ‘cruelty free’ is best for both business and ethics and therefore introduce a ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. Let's help support The Body Shop with this cause! We can either sign the petition in store or online.

Love Your Body members in the North can now "Go Green" with their membership cards, as you can now get digital membership on your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad in the following The Body Shop stores: Trinoma, SM Megamall, Rockwell, and SM Mall of Asia.

Lovely ladies Jas (The Body Shop's skincare expert), together with Love Your Body ladies Noelle and Bernice started off the workshop with cleansing prior to makeup application.

We were taught the proper way to remove waterproof mascara using a cotton bud, tissue, and a gentle eye makeup remover. Place the tissue on your undereye area, and roll the cotton bud (that has a bit of makeup remover) along your lashes. Off comes the mascara with zero tugging!

Isai then oriented us with the new All-In-One Makeup products. This range is formulated with marula oil and vitamin E - it's makeup that cares for the skin!

She did a makeup demo on Noelle, while everyone watched and tried to replicate the makeup tips we learned.

Gorgeous Love Your Body members all primped and prettified!

Presenting the All-In-One Makeup Range:

The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer

The Body Shop All-In-One Blusher

Buy any item from the All-In-One Range and get makeup brushes at 30% off!

Together with Isai and Ria

With Isai and Noelle

What item from the All-In-One Range is your favorite? Mine would be the All-In-One Face Base, as it gives me a flawlessly natural look, while keeping my face matte all day!

Until the next workshop! :)



  1. thanks for the tips on the mascara removing process sis! atleast now I won't have to worry about tugging my lashes away... :)

  2. All-In-One Face Base now comes in 5 new shades, can u tell the rest of the numbering. Im using #04 and #06, what are their numbers now? Thank u!

    1. The 5 new shades are the following: 35. 45, 52, 55, and 65. You can see it here:

  3. so #04 now is #45, and #06 is...55 or 65?

    1. No, these are additional shades to their existing line. 04 and 06 are still there, plus 55 and 65 for darker skintones.


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