Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hit Pan: May & June 2012

Here's another round of my month-end Hit Pan posts. These are the products I used up for the last two months.

May Empties

1. Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam in Green Tea
This one's my current go-to facial wash, and I'm now on my second tube of the same variant. It works so well for my oily skin.

2. Human Nature Baby Wash
I got this a few months ago because this was the only body wash that Human Nature sold (aside from their 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash). It's made for babies, so it's super mild and gentle on the skin. It's not very bubbly so I have to pour a generous amount of this on my bath lily so it would foam up. It has a subtle calming scent because of the lavender, rosemary, and chamomile ingredients, but I like my body wash fragrant with a lingering scent. This would work great for those with sensitive skin though.

June Empties

I finished up this sample and immediately bought the full-sized bottle! It's even better than other more expensive sunblocks I have tried. While other sunblocks make my oily skin oilier and sticky with an uncomfortable and heavy feel, this one is lightweight and non-greasy. I use this everyday!

This one has reached its 6th month mark so I chucked it out of my kit. It's still workable, but sometimes I have a hard time applying it because it clumps. I repurchased the same variant and it's now sitting in my kit begging to be used. (Hello, new mascara!)

Chocoholics like me would love the scent of this body butter. I find this variant stickier than the core body butter range, but maybe that's because of the 48-hour moisturizing claim of this one compared to the regular body butters with 24-hour moisturizing power. I love the scent of the Chocomania range - it's warm and comforting, perfect for the (sometimes) cold and rainy weather we have.

This one's the best feminine wash I've tried. No dryness and itchiness, just plain natural freshness. This one is the last bottle we have at home though! I haven't gotten around repurchasing because I lost my dealer discount. (Harhar!)

What are your current empties? :)



  1. where is human nature? I like products with cute packaging.

    1. It's a local beauty brand that sells organic cosmetics. They have a great range of products! Check them out here:

    2. They also have a store along Commonwealth Avenue, if you're in Metro Manila. :)


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