Monday, April 23, 2012 Ano Hanap Mo?

Everyday, someone is looking for something they would like to have. As consumers, there is always a need or want to buy something. And this day and age, online shopping has become a trend because of the ease and convenience it brings to us. Try searching for something in the internet, and the results almost always leads to, the Philippines' #1 classified ads website. With more than 4 million page views and 450,000 unique visitors daily, this has been the go-to destination for people looking for the best options and deals.

Lahat tayo, may hinahanap.

RJ David, Co-founder and Managing Director | Me-anne Bundalian, Business, Sales and Marketing Manager

What started as an experimental venture five years ago, with the initial capital of just P2,400.00 (for the domain and the web hosting), was the business venture RJ David and his wife Arianne founded. They ventured into online classifieds which achieved unexpected success. People liked the idea of having their products listed in the website, which is a form of free advertising and marketing, making them easily searchable in the internet, and giving them instant web presence.

Now, you can experience more of, as they launch their newest television, radio, print, and billboard ads, featuring the authoritative voice of the Lourd de Veyra, with the tagline and basic question: "Ano hanap mo?".

With just 3 simple steps namely Hanap, Usap, Deal, makes it easy for us to connect with sellers or buyers because of its user-friendly messaging system as well as a community forum, where members could engage in different discussions of their interests. And if you're vying for the top, most visible spot that would appear when people search for your products, you may opt to use Sulit Gold, a paid virtual currency that gives members additional features and services.


Visit today and find what you're looking for, be it a free new iPad or a free brand new 2012 Honda City.



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    1. Do join their raffle! :) I don't have an account yet, but I'm planning to make one.


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