Friday, April 20, 2012

Penshoppe Classics Body Fragrance in Amber

Seeing the bright and newly renovated Penshoppe store in Trinoma literally pulled me in to the store. I'm loving the store's new look. It's brightly lit, more spacious, and the merchandise are organized. I specifically got stuck in their cosmetics and fragrances area (since their clothes, even the small sizes, are too big for me), and it was then that I found out about their new cosmetics range. The last time I bought makeup from Penshoppe was years ago! I loved their vanilla lip balm, cheek tint, and the 9-in-1 lipcolor, but they all disappeared in the market. Now their new cosmetics are back, looking all modern and sleek with silver packaging.

I also remember going crazy over their body sprays when I was in grade school and high school. I used their watermelon body mist until I outgrew the scent. I still see it in stores, which means that it might be selling very well until today.

While looking around and testing their fragrances, this one caught my eye (and nose), and not just because of the faint pink tint of this fragrance, but because of the scent itself. I know, I am a sucker for anything pink.

Penshoppe Classic Body Fragrance in Amber

Because it's named Amber, obviously it's not fruity, and is more of a grown-up lady scent. It smells sophisticated and sexy, and could pass for a more expensive fragrance (if only it lasted longer on me). This scent is warm and oriental, but because it's just a body mist, I can use it even with this kind of summer weather we have. (Perhaps an EDP version of this scent would be too heavy and rich for hot weather.) I'm not sure if the scent disappears within minutes of spraying, or if I am just getting used to/immune to the scent. But because of its affordable price, I can reapply anytime of the day. My only gripe is that I must have gotten a bad bottle (literally), because the fragrance spills when the bottle is tilted. The insides of my bag smell like amber already.

I am also eyeing another bottle of cologne from them. Never thought that I could find nice fragrances at a clothing store! Penshoppe Classics Body Fragrance is available in 3 scents: Amber, Crystal, and Sapphire, at only P149.00 per 100ml bottle.



  1. Awesome! Would want to try that! ;)

  2. I want to try din, cute ng packaging, not so girly girl na panghighschool, 'cause most of their bottles are like that. :)) and i like the name "Amber"...

    1. This scent reminds me of Lewis & Pearl Body Mist in Wish (jasmine, amber, raspberries), only more sophisticated and ladylike. I wish the bottle doesn't spill the fragrance though.


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