Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Body Shop All About Fashion & Makeup Workshop + Chocomania

One of the perks of being a Love Your Body member of The Body Shop is that you'll get invites to cool events like their "All About Fashion & Make-up Workshop" held yesterday in SM Mall of Asia. Being a super fan of The Body Shop, I just had to go even if I lived way up in the North area! This time, I made my sister tag along so she too could experience the workshop.

Photo Credit: The Body Shop

Lots of gorgeous Love Your Body members attended the event. I got there 4PM, and the store was packed. Everyone wanted to learn about fashion and makeup that was perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond.

Krispy Kreme provided snacks for the guests. We all had our share of these yummy heart-shaped Chocomania doughnuts, which had the same name as The Body Shop's new bath and body range, Chocomania!

To start the workshop, the lovely hosts, Ninna and Issa, did an ice breaker wherein the audience would guess which movie the famous lines they showed on the screen came from. Since I am not a big fan of romantic movies, I was not familiar with any of them! Those who guessed it correctly had a prize.

Photo Credit: The Body Shop

The first segment was basically a styling workshop, where we learned about different body types/shapes and what clothes would flatter us the most. The guest speaker was Mairene Muñoz, a fab fashion designer/stylist. She went to School of Fashion and the Arts and has worked for Mich Dulce as a fashion assistant. This part of the event was all about body appreciation and being confident with dressing up. I particularly loved the part when outfit pegs were shown for casual and formal dates.

The second part was a makeup demo by Carissa Rodriguez and Roma Reposo, The Body Shop's award winning make-up artists.

Photo Credit: The Body Shop
Isai did the fresh daytime makeup look for Kith.

Photo Credit: The Body Shop
Roma did the smoky nighttime makeup look for Kat.

Towards the end of the event, early birds were awarded with Chocomania products. There was also a raffle for the attendees of the event. Luckily, my sister got picked as the last raffle winner! I tell her I am her lucky charm since she sucks the luck out of me whenever we're together! More on the raffle prize later. For now, I shall introduce you to The Body Shop's newest collection, Chocomania.

The Body Shop's Chocomania collection is all about passion, indulgence, and luxury. Chocolate, once was a prized symbol and even used as currency, now comes in delicious smelling bath products for all of us to enjoy. Now we can indulge all we can without guilt! Imagine, stepping into shower on a Monday morning: Chocomania instantly kills Monday blues!

Chocomania Shower Cream

Chocomania Body Lotion

Chocomania Body Scrub

Chocomania Body Butter

This range also comes in sets (perfect as Valentine's Day gifts), but they were all sold out at the day of the event! See how the Chocomania craze has gotten all over everyone. I would seriously rather receive The Body Shop's Chocomania products for Valentine's Day than real chocolates, and The Body Shop's Strawberry gift sets rather than red roses. At least they would last longer than 3 days (typical lifespan of flower bouquets). See how practical I am? Haha!

And now, LOOT TIME! This was my sister's raffle prize, and of course, I had to shoot them for this post. And since we're sisters, we shared the items in it! :D

All things glittery and sparkly for my sister.

And, the mini Chocomania Body Butter for me, since she knows how much I love body butters!

Cindy, Ninna, and I

Check out more pictures from the event here. Thank you, The Body Shop, for hosting the wonderful workshop! Until the next workshop/event! :)


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  1. Awww! Sisterly bonding! Makes me wish I had a sister to accompany me too! :)

    1. Do join us sometime pag may events like this! :D


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