Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snoe Fizzy Clean in Lavander Brew

If I subject myself into a "What's In My Bag" post, then you'd be sure to see a bottle of hand sanitizer for sure. I always bring one since I'm always game for impromptu snacks anywhere - especially on my office desk! Haha. I used to want those tiny bottles of hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, which you can hang on your bag. But then they became overrated with lots of cheap and even fake versions copying it, so never mind. This one from Snoe is the first, if not the only, foaming hand sanitizer in the Philippines! How cool is that?

Hands feel clean, soft and silky-smooth with this quirky and fun alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. Its foamy, freshly-scented formula eliminates germs upon contact while hydrating skin to keep it soft and smooth. Feel the Fizz!

Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, Fragrance, Color

Feel the fizz!

I've heard of foaming facial wash, with the same pump packaging as this, but it's my first time to see a foamy hand sanitizer! Snoe's Fizzy Clean makes being clean more fun. However, Lavander Brew's scent was a bit strong for my liking. At first, I felt like I was spreading soap lather on my hands, and it disappears to a lotion-like, smooth and clean finish.

Snoe Fizzy Clean is available in 5 variants: Lavander Brew, Green Tea, Pleasant Peach, Sky Mist, and Cherry Pop.

Photo Credit: Snoe Beauty Inc.

I'm lemming for Pleasant Peach and Cherry Pop next since I love fruity scents. How about you?



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