Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Love

Remember the Human Nature Baby Care Giveaway post I shared last month? I also joined the giveaway and I was planning to give the prize to my niece if ever I won.

Come Christmas Day, I checked my e-mail and Facebook and saw this! :D

Random "like and win" raffles are not my thing since I seldom win in those. But if the giveaway entails writing or putting more effort into (like commenting or blogging) then I like those! Good thing I followed all the mechanics and got about 8 entries. Out of the 734 entries collected, my one of my entries was randomly picked by the Rafflecopter. :D

I addressed the package to my niece and her Mommy was the one who received it. She was surprised and she thought that the package was really for me (since my Human Nature orders are also frequently delivered to the same address). Then she called me up and I told her it was theirs. (I had to borrow it though to take some pictures for this post! Haha.)

Thank you, Human Nature, for Daphne's Little Baby Care Pack!

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  1. Helen's knightJanuary 3, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    Congrats to you and to Baby Daph. :-)

  2. @Helen's knight: Thank you! I love Dapdap! :D

  3. WOW!congrats.i am also not lucky on those raffles thingy but hoping to win on one of my entered giveaways.:)

  4. btw,thanks for following me.your my first follower.:)

  5. @Jenponix: Just keep trying. I used to think online contests were fake until I started winning! Haha. Good luck! :) Glad to be your first follower.


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