Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rock the New Year with Cosmo!

Happy New Year, everyone! Make sure to start the year right by getting a copy of Cosmopolitan's January 2012 issue, hot off the press! The lovely Bea Alonzo graces this month's cover, looking super fresh and fit.

My month is never complete without buying a copy of Cosmo! I love how early this issue was available in stores. I got this yesterday in National Book Store, Trinoma. At first, I noticed that this issue was thinner (in terms of pages) compared to the previous ones, but when I scanned it, it was packed! Not so much ads, but more on content. I like that. Plus, when you buy your January issue in National Book Store, NBS, and NBS Express, you get a FREE COSMO POUCH! (I wish there were cute freebies like this every month! Just like magazines from the US - you get free makeup, clothes, sandals, etc. when you buy the current issue.)

Now I have a cute new makeup kit! Thanks, Cosmo! :)

Need more reasons to grab your very own copy? Here's a sneak peek!

Make 2012 Cosmo-Amazing! :)



  1. I LIKE it! Ang ganda ganda ni idol BEA ALONZO!

  2. wow!the jan ish is out?!i also love the free pouch.i hope it will be out in davao one of this days.will have one,one of these days.:)


  3. Oh i badly need the last article you posted! hahaha! thanks for this!

  4. @Anonymous: I agree! She looks so fresh and pretty here.

    @Jenponix: Yup! Glad that this issue is out so early. Make sure to buy yours from National Book Store. :)

    @Rose: You're welcome!

  5. Hi, Helen!

    It's Irish (editorial assistant of Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine). THANK YOU for this super sweet blog post. We're happy you love the January 2012 issue and the free Cosmo pouch. Have a wonderful 2012, dear, and we hope to see you at future Cosmo events. :)

  6. @Irish: Aww! Super glad that you liked this post and thank you for leaving a sweet comment as well. Anything for my fave mag! I'm super excited for Cosmo's 15th Anniversary this year. I'm sure it will be bongga! I hope to meet you too at future Cosmo events. :)

  7. Irish here. Of course! Touch base with us via twitter! Lots of readers do.

    @myrzasison @vince_uy, @camylbee, @paulapangan,@stargowaltzing, @anakalaw, @happylopez, @agoo_b, @vainglorias, @kissacastaneda, @IrishDizon , and's @ReynaTrixie

    Looking forward to meeting you! have a great 2012. :)


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