Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lorys Hair Cream

Some of us might think that imported hair care products are expensive, but wait till you see and use this! Lorys Hair Cream is made in Brazil. It is also available in countries such as USA, UK, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and more. Just last year, it entered the Philippine shores, and it could be the best thing to happen to your hair!

Lorys Hair Cream is very versatile, as you can use it every day as a regular conditioner, or as an at-home hair spa treatment. This product enhances the growth and density of your hair, and restores its natural shine and softness. Since it is made from natural ingredients, it's bound to be good for you!

Last year, I won in Lorys Hair Cream's Facebook promo, and got myself a tub of this!

Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate

It looks (and smells) like chocolate pudding!

Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate with thermal activated silicone was developed for the intensive care of damaged and sensible hair. This jar smells so wonderful; think, chocolate truffles for your hair! I love how it managed to repair my damaged hair. I used it as my everyday conditioner, and it took many months for me and my family to finish this jar.

After finishing Duo Chocolate, I went for Lorys Hair Cream in Ceramides. My hair needs all the care it can get.

Lorys Hair Cream in Ceramides

This one looks like sweet strawberry cream!

Lorys Hair Cream in Ceramides was developed to deeply treat and condition the opaque and damaged hair. I think the 2 tubs of Lorys Hair Cream I have tried gave the same effect to my hair - leaving it soft and healthy. The Ceramides variant's scent was like a typical salon's conditioner. The next time I go to the mall, I'm gonna buy a shower cap and use it with this hair cream, so I could experience a DIY hair spa treatment at home. Between the 2, I liked the Duo Chocolate variant more, but I think I will try Fruit Cocktail next time.

Here is the list of available variants of Lorys Hair Cream:
  • Ceramides
  • Duo Chocolate
  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Shea Butter
  • Snake Oil
  • Sun Care

Would I repurchase? Definitely! This product works and gives value for your money.
Price: P350.00 (1000g)
Available in Watsons, Landmark, and PCX.

Which Lorys Hair Cream variant is your favorite? :)



  1. My favorite variant is the Duo Chocolate !
    It smells like real chocolate ! ♥

  2. The Duo Chocolate smells sooo good! It looks like melted milk chocolate!


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