Thursday, April 28, 2011

Koryo Korean Barbeque

Every time I pass by the Sky Garden at SM CIty North EDSA, I would see Koryo's Garlic Potato Take Out stall outside their resto, get tempted, and give in! Last weekend, my sisters were looking for snacks in the mall, and we went to Koryo.

I love how modern and stylish the ambiance is. It's a good place to hang out.

Koryo's World Famous Garlic Potato
"Fried potato cubes tossed in our unique sweet, tangy and garlicky sauce with nutty toppings. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Perfect with your favorite Koryo BBQ meals, or on its own as a snack!"

Koryo Garlic Potato (P65.00)

It's our first time to order Garlic Potato for dine-in since we usually have it for take out. Well, that was a bad move. The Garlic Potato was not freshly cooked. I think it was just reheated several times, hence the hard texture of the potato. We had a hard time poking the metal fork into it so we could eat it. On the other hand, the take out version of this was delicious; perfectly fried garlic potato to a crisp on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. No problems with using a soft, plastic fork with the take out Garlic Potato. The next time we'll have our Koryo fix, I'll make sure to order from their take out stall.

Have you tried Koryo?



  1. i've always seen the stand here. i've always wanted to try it! haha. korean's the IN thing right now eh! hahaha :) sooooo, mooooore! XD

  2. Try the Garlic Potato from their takeout booth! It's super good unlike the dine-in version. :P

  3. yum! yum! I hope it has a branch in SM Fairview.

  4. @Jill: I'm not so sure if there is one there, but this branch in SM North EDSA is now closed. :(


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