Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow

I come home from work late every night, so I have this hobby of browsing online stores before I sleep to de-stress. It's fun and relaxing for me, but it's bad for the wallet. 😂 One time I was browsing at Althea and saw this hair shadow - perfect for the bald parts of my hairline.

☑ Add to cart 🛒  (weee!)

This product comes in 2 or 3 shades, and I chose #06 Baby Face Hair. This one's the darkest and most natural looking since my hair isn't dyed.

It comes in a cute portable packaging with a small mirror on the cap. Underneath the packaging is a soft little puff as applicator.

(I've already repurchased this for a friend recently, and they've changed the box from brown to white. The packaging itself comes in a lighter shade of brown, but the hair shadow inside remains the same. The newer packaging is also more secure - the cap doesn't easily open.)

This product contains rose hip oil, but I don't see how it can affect the hair line. But what I am convinced with is how this one manages to create a neater hairline = fuller hair, more youthful look. (I need this!) 😜

Swatch of #06 Baby Face Hair

Before & After

This hair shadow is very easy to use and the pigment stays on all day as long as I don't rub it. It's an essential for me since I'm always in a ponytail and this helps me look more polished. It's quite pricey at P600 for only 4g of product, but it works so I'd repurchase.

Price: P600
Available at Althea

Althea offers free shipping for orders above P999! This is why I prefer to buy my Korean beauty products here since the prices are sometimes cheaper and I don't even have to leave the house. 🛍 Get P200 off your first order here with a minimum purchase of P1,500. 💝


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