Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Sweep Sparty at Manos Nail Lounge

I wrote about doing Human Nature's The Sweep Challenge last month, wherein I had to use all natural beauty products for 7 days. It was not difficult for me to do so, since I've been a fan of Human Nature since 2011. (I even signed up to be a dealer during the brand's early days!) 😊 The real challenge is straying, since I receive a lot of beauty products for review, and I just want to try them all! But the beauty here is that Human Nature gives us options and informs us of the better and wiser choices we can make when it comes to cosmetics, since up to 60% of what we put on our skin can get absorbed by the body.

Last weekend, I was invited to The Sweep Sparty, where I got to met fellow bloggers who also did the challenge and also the beautiful people behind Human Nature. The way they talk about their brand makes it so clear to me how much they love their jobs, and that's an amazing thing. 💚

The intimate event was held at Manos Nail Lounge at Burgos Circle, BGC. I had class in the afternoon, so I had to squeeze in this event that happened early Saturday morning. It's pamper time! 💅

Prior to my manicure, my hands and arms were scrubbed using Human Nature's Coffee & Vanilla 100% Natural Body Scrub. It smelled so good! (You can really never go wrong with coffee!) The scrub had a very gritty feel to it, since they make use of all-natural, biodegradable exfoliants. (Do not use any product with micro beads in it. When they go down the drain, they're eaten by fish. And guess who eats the fish?) After that, my nails were cleaned. Hello, even cuticles! Goodbye, hangnails! (I get them often because I hand wash my clothes.) My favorite part was the express hand massage using Human Nature's Massage Oil. My hands were definitely pampered already at this point.

Now the hardest part, which color to choose!

Zoya has a nice selection of nude nail polish so you're bound to find the perfect one for your skin tone. I let Ate pick out a shade for me, since she does nails and know best. She chose for me Zoya's Taylor, a light toffee cream, nude neutral shade. This shade had full coverage after 2 coats. My hands look so clean! YAY! 😍
Christmas gift from Human Nature 🎅

Thank you for the fun weekend, Human Nature! 💖

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