Thursday, December 8, 2016

Battle of the Bath Bombs: Daiso vs Lush

Commercial break muna from my travel diary posts! Today, we'll be talking about beauty again. YAY! On the Macau hotel we stayed in, our room had a clean tub. We don't have one at home, so we just had to make the most out of our stay and get bath bombs! 

When we dropped by AEON on our last day and Hong Kong, we got a few goodies from Daiso and this Bath Ball in Donut Store Strawberry Milk Scent (HKD 12 or around P77) was one of them.
Just take a look at the darling packaging!

I didn't pay much attention to the information on the wrapper so what happened next was a surprise.

The bath bomb was wrapped in plastic to protect it from crumbling or damage, which was a good thing.

When we threw it into the tub to observe, it just sank to the bottom and the powdery ball dissolved in a sad manner.
POP! A surprise floated to the top of the tub! KRISPY KREME BA YAN?

When I flipped it over, it was a green donut. HAHA

When I mixed the dissolved bath bomb with the water, it was gone.😞 Maybe there was an ever so slight tint, but we could barely see it. LOL. It didn't smell like donuts either as it just had a faint strawberry scent.
Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb (HKD 70 or P448)

My sister bought this at Macau because she didn't want to risk it getting smashed inside her luggage. I think this one is cheaper here in the Philippines.

Her Lush bath bomb dissolved in around 6 minutes and was a sight to behold! It looked like a painting! SUPER GANDA. It smelled really good and relaxing too - minty, but not tingly on the skin. Don't worry, it won't make your skin look blue, but it will leave gold flecks on the tub upon draining.

Winner: Lush, obviously. Haha!

I love Daiso, but their bath bomb is a dud. I think it's made for kids. The packaging says to use 1 ball for every 200L of water in the bathtub, but of course I couldn't measure it to the exact volume. The toy is an added bonus/funny momento and I'm keeping it! 😁 When it comes to bath bombs, it's best to go all out and just splurge on Lush.

Day 5 of my Hong Kong and Macau travel diary is next, which is the last installment for this series. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hahahaha! I thought it would form something sweet like donut! I like the one from Lush though. I should try it next time. :)


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