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Hong Kong and Macau Trip (Day 5: Food Trip in Macau)

I have come to realize that upon returning home from our trip to Hong Kong and Macau almost 2 weeks ago, I haven't checked my weight. Oh well.

It's Day 5 - our last day in Macau! We woke up late and had to arrange our stuff in time for the 12:00PM check-out time. We left our luggage with the hotel as our flight was scheduled at 10:00PM, so we had the afternoon to explore.

On our first day in Hong Kong, I was excited to try McDonald's in Langham Place because I saw special new items on their Facebook page, specifically the Hokkaido Salmon Burger and Chocolate Pie. However, the branch we went to was under renovation, cramped, and there was no menu on the wall behind the counter. There was a small menu placed in front of the cashier, but the staff aren't fond of waiting for you to decide your orders on the spot. When it's your turn, you had to know what you were getting or else they'd be annoyed. I don't see the salmon burger anywhere in the menu, so we just left and went to their food court instead and had CoCo Ichibanya.

I forgot about my McDonald's dreams until I saw a branch inside the "mall" part of the hotels in Macau.

Hokkaido Salmon Burger + Chocolate Pie = Happy Helen
Other items in the menu
Hokkaido Salmon Burger
Chocolate Pie
My sister and Panda ate at the food court of The Venetian's Shoppes. I just got my order to go since there was no chairs available in McDonalds. This two items totaled MOP62 but I always paid in HKD since we didn't have our money changed anymore, so in our currency it's P397. HALA ang mahal pala. I just let it slide, because I really wasn't feeling the food from the food court, and they were just as pricey. Both the burger and the pie was good! The patty wasn't pure salmon though. The chocolate pie was amazing; it had a custardy/creamy taste and it wasn't anything like oozing chocolate syrup.

After eating, we took the 2 free shuttle buses from the hotel to get to Senado Square. I was so surprised with Macau's weather! In Hong Kong, the RealFeel would be around 15-17°C, here it was 7°C. We were on our last day so we didn't have extra outfits. Guess what I wore? A dress. Haha! Turista-much?

While walking the streets, our nose followed a smell of something really fragrant, which led us to a stall selling bubble waffles! 😋

Bubble waffle for only MOP 10!

A lot of people were buying from this kiosk, and so did we. It was deliciously warm and crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside! Since it was too cold, we decided to take shelter in a mall and look around. We spotted Starbucks and enjoyed hot coffee like never before.

We went out again to attempt to look for the Ruins of St. Paul based on our itinerary, but we couldn't find it so my sister took a photo instead of this ruin to send to our friend Tope of #TopeTravelandTours. He got sad when he saw this.😩 
DP-worthy shot!

We continued walking and saw a stall selling assorted balls with curry. Parang hot pot, street-food style! I think this order was MOP 13, and we loved it! It's hot, spicy, tasty - perfect for cold weather. 
To remember the store we got it from. Hehe!

It turns out, tabi tabi pala sila selling the same thing. Nagkakatalo lang sa curry sauce.
Twofie! 💕
 Wearing my trusty Uniqlo parka. I love that it's foldable so I always bring it everywhere! 

We went back to the hotel late in the afternoon to claim our luggages, and dropped by Lord Stows to grab some pasalubong.
Look at the line! It extends to the bridge of the canal.
Everyone wanted to have a little piece of heaven.😋

Since we were praning about missing our flight, we rode the hotel's free shuttle bus to Macau International Airport too early since there was no traffic (unlike in Manila), so we couldn't check-in yet.
Cindy's order. They have Seaweed and Black Truffle Shake Shake Fries!😲

I had the same order of Hokkaido Salmon Burger and Chocolate Pie, but this time it was just MOP43.50 or just P279! (Hotel prices are a total ripoff.) This one's Panda's Shake Shake Fries in Seaweed, it tastes like chips. YUMMY!

We were glad that beside our table inside McDonald's, there was a monitor that showed flight schedules. We able to finally check-in after eating!

Reminder: The inspectors are strict with water, and they'd throw yours away if you have one in your bag. No, they won't give you the last chance to finish it.😛
Oh, just for P1.8M.😀
That night, it was rainy, so RealFeel dropped to 5°C. Ano na.

Our flight was also delayed by 2 hours.

We were finally able to board past 12:00AM, which was supposed to be our arrival time to Manila. (CebPac eh, what do you expect?)

#TeamNoodles because we got hungry again after our early dinner.

We boarded a small plane which wasn't even filled. A lot of times during our flight was turbulence, but we were just happy to have landed safely. Hot and humid Manila air greeted us after the plane opened. Ah, we were home, and I will miss the cold, nakakakinis air of Hong Kong and Macau badly.

Bye for now, Hong Kong and Macau! You've been wonderful. I can't wait to go back - next time with my parents.💚

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