Friday, October 21, 2016

Tutuban Haul (Oh, how I've missed this!)

It's been years since I've last set foot on Tutuban Center! I went here a lot during my college years AKA no money days. Seeing it again brought about so much nostalgic feels, and I was pleasantly surprised to see its new and improved state. The roads are a lot wider (probably due to less vendors on the road) and cleaner. I went here on a Tuesday morning and it was definitely the perfect time to shop because everyone else were at work. Weee! :P

To improve our shopping experience, Tutuban Center has unveiled new and exciting features! The center recently underwent a number of renovation work and building improvements. Christmas season is just around the corner, so make sure to visit Tutuban Center's Main Station and Prime Block!

Tutuban Center Main Station is a heritage building where the original train station built in the 1800s first stood. It looks a lot like the huge mansions in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, as steps were taken to preserve its history - including repainting and improving lighting for its facade details. Brick walls and century-old wrought iron pillars lead us all to the food court. (I'll share with you interesting food discoveries in a bit!)

The iconic Bonifacio Shrine is located just across the entrance of Tutuban Center Main Station.

For this shopping trip, I made sure to wear comfy clothes and flats. (Make sure to bring an eco bag to help save the environment.) We were given "Tutuban Money" for a P1,000 shopping challenge, wherein we had to buy stuff for Halloween, Christmas, and practical home and personal use (AKA my favorite category). I didn't win! Who can finish it all in under an hour? I took 3 happy hours going around stores with zero regrets...since I got all the stuff I actually wanted. None of those creepy Halloween masks that will be useless after October 31. Haha :D

But first, we had brunch care of El Presidente of Binondo.

Dimsum party with new friends

The new and more spacious food court will soon offer some of Divisoria and Binondo's best food brands like El Presidente, Kikiam in Ilaya, King's Bakeshop, and Eng Ho. There are also food carts selling refreshing drinks and snacks. Picnic tables can comfortably seat shoppers taking a break.

Here's my haul! :D But along the way, I'll also be telling you where to get these items + how much they cost. I'm so excited. Haha!

The Main Station holds the mall's retail shops, restaurants, and service stores. This connects to the Prime Block, which offers Tutuban Center's revitalized shopping experience. Three shopping levels of pure bargain buying pleasure await us all! :D

A cluster of stalls have been introduced in the 3rd level of Prime Block, aptly called Prime Block Clusters. Merchandise zoning has been improved in the Prime Block building, so shoppers can have an easier time finding what they want and need in each area.

If you're looking for Christmas decors, look no further and don't buy them in the malls! You can get them from Anding's Toys and Flowers, Inc. - the quality is just as nice at the fraction of the cost. They're located at 3/F Prime Block.

They carry a lot of items - from decors, party favors, to garden accessories. Anding's has been in business for over 20 years already, and they also supply to large malls and merchants! Here at Tutuban, they have about 18 stalls. (WOW!) My favorite part is the toy section, of course! :D

Bad Dog Game + AA Batteries

I hope Panda is not reading this post because this one's his Christmas gift. (If any of you want to know the price, just PM me on Facebook or send me an email.) I wanted to buy this particular toy since I first saw it online way back in July. It's battery-operated, and you have to feed the bad dog tiny bones. Then what happens after is a secret. Basta masaya and shocking! It's pricey online and when you add the shipping fee, it's bound to be expensive. This one's exactly the same, and I'm so happy to find it in Tutuban! And I even got to haggle the price to a sulit deal. ;)

The Prime Block also offers clothes for every occasion, the latest RTW, and even costumes and sleepwear - all organized! Footwear, bags, and fashion accessories are there to match your OOTD. Fabrics, trendy patches, beads, and other trimmings are also available for people who love doing DIY fashion projects. I spotted this lovely romper for only P350, and it reminds me a lot of the one I saw at Zalora for over P1,000! (This was at Ms. G's Fashion Boutique, also at 3/F Prime Block.)

2 pairs of sandals (P150)
Black leggings (P200)

My shopping buddies Jean and Sarah were so amazed with Ms. G's stall of clothes and shoes. We each got 2 pairs of sandals for an unbelievably affordable price! :D I bought them as a birthday gift for my eldest sister. The leggings were for my mom; it's a bit pricier, but the material is thick and comfy.

General merchandise stores offer an array of home and personal items ranging from hardware and cookware, to school supplies and bath accessories. Houseware linens and curtains also abound. My favorite general merchandise store is Orignamura - which I tag as the "Daiso of Tutuban" because of its huge selection of stuff - only better since a lot of the items go below P88!

Panda, for your resto!

You know, I'm already content with my only Starbucks tea tumbler from 2013, but it's ice cream and sparkly and I couldn't decide between purple and pink so...

Here's my Orignamura haul! I realized that I bought stuff mostly for the house, much to the delight of my mom. And the only stuff I got for myself was the pretty pink tumbler, which I don't even need. Talk about having a low EQ for cutesy stuff.

Sparkly Ice Cream Tumbler in Pink and Green (P140 each)

Pink for me, green for my youngest sister but I'll give it on Christmas. HAHA I hope she's not reading this as well. I have so many sisters. @_@

Pink Disposable Masks (P25)

Of course it has to be pink. These are for sick days or dirty commutes. :o

Mini Spring Form (P130)

I dreamed of having something like this when I did my Mint Chocolate Forest Cheesecake. I can't believe I got this for a little over a hundred! YAY!

Baking Cups 75 pieces (P62)

One of my sisters is into baking cakes, so this one's for her! So she won't make kulit for when we pass by Wonderbake in Trinoma.

Garlic Press (P125)

Much to my mom's delight. Haha! Also, for our DIY toasted garlic bread! Hihi

Scrub Sponges (P29 per pack of 3)

You know when you're an adult when new kitchen sponge excites you.
Pack of Clothespins (P38)

Good ol' sipit, no explanation needed.

We went to another general mechandise store, and I saw this cute Hello Kitty water dispenser. I'd probably be forced to drink 8 glasses of water a day if I had this. The periwinkle hair chopstick is so high school. I remember a friend gifting me this exact one over a decade ago. They still sell it! Woah. :D

These are the toys I see when I pass by the market near our place, and I had no idea that you can get them for just P35 at Tutuban! So for you guys na sobrang daming inaanak, alam na this. Haha! The pink beauty kits remind me so much of my childhood. They're so me! Party planners will find the Prime Block a one-stop shop for colorful gift items, wall and table decorations, toys and games, and costume accessories.

Snake & Ladders (from P50 to P40!)

I wasn't expecting a yes when I asked for the last price, and they gave this box of Snake & Ladders to me at P40! I'm not expecting fancy details inside, since this is a very basic game after all. It's a nice addition to DeAntonni Hobby Cafe's lineup of board games!

While I don't advise buying cosmetics/fake makeup from Tutuban Center, entrepreneurs and small business owners can find personal care items, grooming kits, spa and salon supplies here.

Whether it's a children's party, a corporate launch, a wedding, or upcoming celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas, the Prime Block offers the party needs for every occasion.

Last stop before we went home was the Food Court at the Main Station. We were starving and tired but happy. I bought a loaf of bread and floss chiffon from King's Bakeshop for my family. The takoyaki (4 for P50) was so delicious! I will look for them again when I go back to Tutuban soon! The mini churros (P100) was hard as a rock so I don't recommend it. (The food looked haggard, because just like me, they survived the pedicab + lrt + tricycle ride home.) :D

Tutuban opens at 9AM daily. There are enhanced pedestrian and vehicular circulation across the development. If you're driving, you'll be glad to know that they've added 150 parking slots into its CM Recto Avenue paid parking area. With ALL these improvements, it's not hard to see why Tutuban Center is still Divisoria's top shopping destination.

I hope you liked my haul post! Are you excited shop at Tutuban? :D


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