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SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

SilkyGirl is a very popular drugstore brand in Asia - mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia. They offer a comprehensive range of color cosmetics, created for young Asian women within the age group of 18 to 25. I am over that age group, but makeup is for everyone and a good part of that means that their products are bound to be affordable since they're made for teens and young professionals. Anyway, I'm so glad they're finally here in the Philippines! I think they just launched in 2016, but not a lot of people know yet since there's not much noise on social media. Just this month, I was sent their complete range of Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balms for review. Of course, I got swatch-happy and tried all of them ASAP!

Hello, lippie heaven!

My lippie collection is now dominated by chubby pen-type tinted balms and matte liquid lipsticks instead of the conventional bullet type lipstick. :D And I tend to finish my lip balms more than lipsticks so that's a good thing.

SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor comes in a retractable pencil form with vitamins A, C, and E. Its perfect blend of oils ensure that your lips stay soft and supple. A balanced blend of luminous to provide your lips with a balm-like moisture. With 6 exciting shades to choose from for different occasions, every event in your life will be extra special.

4 NOs: Fragrance, Paraben, Carmine, Animal Testing ✓

Each Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm is completely sealed upon purchase. Also, the manufacturing date is printed on the plastic seal. Like most chubby pen type balms, there's no need for sharpening as it's retractable. Just twist the colored end of the lippie to reveal the product. Each stick contains 3.2 grams of product. Also, the packaging is simple, classy, and sturdy.

All shades: 01 Latte, 02 Coral, 03 Ruby, 04 Rose, 05 Poppy, 06 Wine

Bare Lips

Here's a shot of my bare lips for your reference. It's light and not very pigmented. On days I don't wear a hint of makeup, I look pale. Also, my lips can sometimes feel dry and tight, but at least they're not chappy and bleeding. SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm makes my lips feel better since it's hydrating!

You will see from the swatches below how stunningly pigmented these Lipcolor Balms are. In fact, the don't look like lip balms at all when worn!

01 Latte

Latte is the first shade that caught my eye even before swatching, all because of the Kylie Lip Kit trend. Nude lips are in, and if I'm not sporting a strong shade, then I'd be wearing a nude one. The base of the packaging looks more beige than pink in actual. Latte is a nude shade with a peachy salmon tone - the kind that doesn't wash you out and make you look sick. It looks superbly natural, just as if you're not wearing any makeup. It also looks way better than my bare lips!

02 Coral

Coral is a cutesy pink shade with a hint of yellow. This is the only shade in the range that has gold micro shimmer in it. It's the kind of shade I would pick if I were to time travel back to my college days, but not now. Usually, pink lippies like this go straight into my sister's kit.

03 Ruby

Ruby is a yellow-based red shade which would look great on medium to dark skin tones. I prefer a blue-based red, such as Pixi's Rosy Red Tinted Brilliance Balm. I have to hand it to SilkyGirl though, I am very impressed with the pigmentation of this one! One swipe is all you need.

04 Rose

Rose is the kind of muted pink-brown shade I always gravitate to whenever I go shopping for lipsticks. However, it's not a favorite because I already have shades that resemble this one in my kit. If you're just starting to build your makeup kit or are looking for a beautiful, natural pink lipcolor that you can seriously wear everyday, pick this one!

Revlon's Sultry vs SilkyGirl's Rose

It can pass as a less intense, younger sister of my all time favorite lippie, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry. I like switching my lipstick every few days, but Sultry is my default go-to color, and is therefore a mainstay in my bag. But then again, you can get SilkyGirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balms at half the price of Revlon's balms, so that's a pretty good deal!

05 Poppy

This one came as a surprise. I've always disliked the color orange, so when I got Poppy, I was almost sure that I'd give it away. But when it comes to beauty, never say never. I tried it and I actually loved it! It's the most unique shade of tinted lip balm I've tried. It's not a neon "in your face" kind of orange; instead, it's a flattering one. And, it wears off into a lovely peach shade. Now, I have a legit lippie to go with my beloved orange blush!

When it comes to makeup, I prefer orange shades than pinks.

06 Wine

When I think of wine lip shades, vampy brown shades always come to mind. SilkyGirl's Wine shade comes in a very wearable deep berry shade. It's a shade I won't just wear for night time, but also for work.

Latte | Coral | Ruby | Rose | Poppy | Wine

My favorites are Latte (nude), Poppy (very unique), and Wine (pretty and powerful at the same time). Rose is a lovely shade, too. I am not into Coral and Ruby because both have a yellow base.

All shades have a consistent balmy texture. They moisturize my lips really well, and make lines and wrinkles less visible. They just glide effortlessly on my lips just as normal lip balms would - only they're all very pigmented and could pass for hydrating lipsticks. As I've mentioned above about them having no fragrance, these ones are completely unscented and have no flavor. Just pure lightweight moisture and color!

Staying power is weak; they transfer to cups and wear off after you eat. Completely forgivable, since they're tinted lip balms and they never claimed to be long-wearing. The darker shades leave a hint of tint upon fading. Because of the soft, balmy texture, don't apply too much (especially for the darker shades), since the lippie may travel to your front teeth. (Make sure to blot your inner lips with tissue after application.)

 If you're having trouble with lipsticks drying out your lips, you will love these. Oh, and they're so affordable, too! Other tinted balms such as these cost 2x to even 4x more expensive.

Price: P279
Available at Landmark, Cash & Carry, and selected Robinsons Department Stores (Galleria, Metroeast, Tutuban, and Cebu)


Which shade of SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm is your favorite? :D


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