Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kojie.san Dream White Anti-Aging Soap

This is not a very pretty story, but one morning last month, I woke up to 40 bedbug bites all over my body. Oh yes, I counted them. :| Good thing they missed my face! My shoulders down to my calf had random bites all over, and it was not good at all. The bites were reddish, a bit raised, and and they would itch whenever I touched them. I would apply my Milea Pain & Itch Balm every so often, and that time, I just started to use Kojie.san Dream White Anti-Aging Soap. I was scared that the bites would scar and that I'll be left with post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation all over my body, so this soap better work its magic.

I remember testing out the classic bar of Kojie.san Skin Lightening Soap before, but I found it quite drying so I didn't get around repurchasing it. A reader recommended to me Kojie.san Dream White Anti-Aging Soap in the comments section, raving how this one isn't drying, hence I tried it!

What makes this variant of Kojie.san soap unique (and possibly, even better) is that it contains collagen and elastin together with the Kojic acid. It also has a very subtle vanilla fragrance, which I like better than the classic orange scent. This soap has a soft (but not too melty texture). I had to emphasize soft, because when my soap was almost finished, I was able to roll it into a ball form without it breaking. Kojie.san doesn't contain added soap hardeners, so you have to store it in a dry place after using. (I take mine outside the bathroom!) This soap lathers well, but doesn't leave your skin squeaky - just clean. True enough, I didn't get the usual dry and tight feeling that came with the classic variant. Within 2 weeks of using this bar, the would-be post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from the bedbug bites didn't happen at all on my arms. It's amazing! On my legs, there are minimal marks since I concentrated the soap more on my arms and shoulders. They're almost close to completely fading though! After my scheduled beach trips in the next few months, and if I do feel the need (or want) to bring back my current complexion, I'd repurchase this one.

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Which do you prefer, Kojie.san Skin Lightening Soap or Kojie.san Dream White Anti-Aging Soap?



  1. Use this months ago, love it because for 2 weeks, it didn't make my skin dries. LOVE! But for whitening, no use, will stick to the classic I think ^^

  2. can i fair from this dream white soap?pls tell me

  3. i alredy used that alpha arbutin soap and my skin became dry :( that's y i ask about that dream white soap

  4. Pwde po ba Gumamit 15yrs.old above ??

  5. Does this lighten skin if so how many shades and how long does itt take??

  6. I'm only 17 yrs old to use an anti aging soap bcos teenagers are still baby skinned but I tried it once, just yesterday bcos my mom has this soap and unlike the orange kojie it does not dry and irritate my skin because its mild. The feeling it gives is so refreshing. So my QUESTION is, is KOJOE SAN ANTI AGING ALLOWED FOR A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL LIKE ME ? Will or won't it give me a side effect ? Ecajse I want my skin to be fairer, and have an even skintone. Does this also prevent/ remove stretch marks, dark spots and pimples just like the original one ? Pls answer them all thankyou.

  7. I'm only 17 years old to use an anti aging soap for my baby skin. But I tired this once yesterday out of curiosity since my mom has this one. And its mild and does not irritate and dry my skin compare to the orange one. The feeling it gives is really refreshing. So my question is, are teenagers, like me ... a 17 yr old girl allowed and okay to use this one ? Will it or won't give us side effects ? I don't have kulubot and batak naman skin ko so I'm afraid of the possible effects kung babatakin pa. I want a fairer and more even skin tone. Another question , does this give the same benefits with the orange kojie like preventing and removing stretch marks, pimples and dark spots? , bukod sa anti aging nito ? Pls answer them all. Thankyou


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