Sunday, February 8, 2015

RACKS Timog + Valentines Contest

Silly me has always thought that RACKS was an "imported" restaurant while in fact it's homegrown! RACKS has been famous for serving the best ribs in town since it first opened its doors in Makati way back 1992. After more than two decades, people still keep coming back because of their its flame-grilled, falls-off-the-bone baby ribs. I'm so happy to have tried RACKS for the first time in one of their newest branch in Timog, Quezon City.

RACKS recently opened its 15th and 16th branches located along Timog Avenue and Evia Lifestyle Center in Alabang, respectively. Occupying a combined area of 900 square meters, the new locations debut a new cozier look for the casual dining restaurant.

RACKS stands for Real American Country Kitchen Style. RACKS’ new look is inspired by southern country American life. Warm tones accentuated by dark wooden panels dominate its new stores’ interiors. Stone bricks were also used as pillars and covering for the indoor grills to give them a more rustic feel. Framed pictures of America’s countryside hang on each wall—giving everyone a glimpse of the kind of lifestyle the establishment draws inspiration from.

I was excited to dine at RACKS. Definitely ready for cold drinks, good eats, and the best ribs in town!

I'm not a fan of onion rings from most fast food joints because they're all breading, but RACK'S Onion Brick (P185.00) changed my perspective completely. This appetizer consists of thinly sliced onion rings, marinated, spiced, lightly breaded then deep fried to a crisp. It's is a sight to behold; it looks like a hollow block slash spaghetti but it's made of thin strips of onion. It's kinda oily but sooo good. Now I love onions. Must try!

For the more health conscious, the Salad with Blackened Chicken Strips (P315.00) is a delight, with fresh and crisp lettuce, just the right amount of caesar dressing, and strips of spicy chicken. It's also sprinkled with croutons, bacon bits, and Parmesan cheese. Okay now it doesn't sound so healthy, but it's the lesser evil definitely. Haha!

I've learn a fun health fact that you may appreciate and apply in your daily lives. Meat (such as steaks, baby ribs...yum) contains heme iron, iron that's readily absorbed by the body. Salads (such as the one featured above) and other leafy greens contain non-heme iron, iron that can only absorbed when activated by Vitamin C. Hence, it's always best to pair your salad with a citrus drink, such as this refreshingly tall glass of Pink Lemonade.

Garlic Scampi Pasta (P260.00) definitely didn't skimp on shrimp.This by far the most number of shrimps I've seen in a pasta order that's good for one. However, this didn't get too much attention from our table since most of us had our eyes on the prize...


RACKS Angus Au Jus (P655.00) is a generous serving of flame-grilled Angus beef rib eye seasoned with signature steak rub paired with red wine au jus. The steak came with herbed butter and a generous side serving of thick potato fries. We had our steak served medium rare - so perfect, juicy, and flavorful!
The star (as is the steak wasn't already good enough) of RACKS is their flame-grilled, falls-off-the-bone ribs, which got me so excited.

The secret behind this favorite starts with finding the finest baby ribs, then butchering and trimming them in-house leaving just the right amount of fat for that special, deep flavour. The baby ribs are then hickory-smoked in a blend of special herbs and spices to achieve a distinct, rich, smoky taste before being fire-grilled and flame-broiled to seal in all the goodness. Slathered with RACKS Original Barbeque Sauce, every serving delivers a dining experience like no other. 

This huge order of RACKS Classic Pork Ribs (Full Rack) (P810.00) is complete with fresh salad and side dishes. To put it to the test, I planned to take a slice, but as I was lifting the tender meat, the bone just slid off swiftly like it was nobody's business. Oh my. ♥ Suffice to say, their tender and tasty ribs won't disappoint, and this is the reason why people keep coming back for more!

On a side note, I'm definitely bringing my Dad over to RACKS newly opened branch at Timog. We're gonna have a MEATing real soon!

But wait, there's more!

Chocoholics (like me) will love the Mississippi Mud Pie (P140.00) - a warm chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, drizzled with even more chocolate syrup.

Memphis Pound Cake (P135.00) looks simple and sweet with slices of buttery pound cake (that feels so nostalgic since I felt like I've tasted it somewhere before), strawberry jam (which was a bit too much for my liking) and scoops of vanilla ice cream. This one's also good, but I prefer mine with less jam in it. 

The RACKS Valentines Contest "Payback for my First Love" is still ongoing until February 10! Share pictures of your parents as a couple for a chance to treat them to a date at RACKS this Valentines! ♥ That's 1K worth of GCs so you better join!

For more information, log on to, or follow RACKSPHL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

RACKS is also in El Pueblo, Festival Supermall, Greenhills, Paseo de Magallanes, Paseo de Santa Rosa, Robinson’s Manila, SM Fairview, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall, The Fort Strip, and Trinoma.



  1. OMG the food looks amazing!

    1. I went back with my family. Everyone (especially my dad) loved it! :D


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